September 26 05

gets top billing this week because i am so happy to have this show back. i missed me some dr. mcdreamy. yum.

~~I have to put my foot down here. No No No to Izzie and Alex!! just because he does ONE heartfelt thing does not make him good boyfriend material.

~~Okay, i admit it…i don’t hate Addison as much as i thought i would. she wears too much makeup and doesn’t move her mouth at all when she talks, which bugs. but i kind of like her. she’s got just enough bitchsnark for me.

~~was Joe the bartender the same guy as the fiance from My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance??

~~best line: Bailey saying to George, “you’re nasty. That’s why you got syphillis.”

~~poor Dr. Yang. i felt really bad for her when Burke dumped her. he’s going to feel like an ass when he finds out about the baby…

~~George the investigative sponge. love him.

~~Cristina and Meredith hugging. loves it.

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