June 1 05

there are some ways, for better or for worse, that we are like our parents.

Like my mother, i tend to overcook and overfeed my guests. I tend to take on too much responsibility because i’d rather just do it myself than wait for someone else to do it. i tend to shop more than i should. and i never remember to lock my car.

the husband is like his father is so many ways…and he doesn’t even realize it. most of these i’ve come to terms with and learned to deal. but there is one thing that i just can’t deal with, especially now that the weather is getting nicer.

i am hot at night. and when i say i’m hot at night, i mean i am so hot that i feel like i want to crawl out of my skin. i now strip down to my skivvies at about 8pm. i have every window in the house open and have the fan on high pointed directly at my body while i sleep. and i’m still hot.

and the husband still won’t turn on the air conditioner. it’s not his fault, though. it’s a sickness he gets from his father. don’t turn on the air until July. July.


can someone knock some sense into him? please!
i promise i’ll lock my car if i can just get some air.


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