June 1 05

ages ago, we saw a preview for Lords of Dogtown.
it’s a movie i most likely will not see. most likely this is because i have very little interest in skateboarding. sure, i saw Gleaming the Cube (but only because Christian Slater was in it – before he started groping women) and i watched as my brother spent a summer trying to be a sk8r boi, and we had to go on a city-wide search to find him black shoes with red flies on them (which were the hippest in skater couture).

anyway, as we were watching the trailer, i turned to my hubby and said, “wow..kind of interesting that John Malkovitch would do a movie like this.”

then, cut to last night.
i see a preview for the very same movie and the voice over says, “heath ledger is terrific.” heath ledger? in this movie? as who?
turns out, thanks to my good friend imdb.com, he plays the character i thought was played by John Malkovitch. how on earth does one confuse these two actors????


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