November 11 05

~~Gary finds the immunity idol. my god, Judd really IS as dumb as i pegged him to be. “oooh…i promise it’s on the ground….” and then looks up at the trees. dumb. ass. good for Gary. slightly obvious he was going to pull it out, though. what with the editing making it seem like he was going home and Steph saying, “it would be amazing if he found it.”

~~two weeks in a row, my cute little aw-shucks, down home southern boys are gone. crap, and more crap. i loved me some brandon and bobby jon.

~~i’m just telling you now…i would HATE to see a Stephenie/Judd final 2. just sayin’

~~i think someone needs to vote Danni off. she’s seriously scaring the crap out of me with that skeletal body of hers. i don’t even know how she can stand up.

~~yeah, yeah…sure. no one has lied yet. um…we know Judd’s a big fat liar and we know that gary HAWKINS the LANDSCAPER has got a few lies under his belt too.

~~zvi was asking me why i don’t like Stephenie, because he hearts her. here’s a little taste why i don’t like her: she says gay almost as much as she says retarded. and she prefers Judd to Bobby Jon. do i need to go on?

~~not sure on why gary voted for cindy.

~~the jury’s still out on whether Jamie is strategic or just very, very dim. Gary clearly told him that he was voting with them, and jamie decided to immediately tell the others that Gary was voting for him. what was up with that? any thoughts?


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