November 11 05

~~how is it possible that Brian can disappoint me so many times in one episode? firstly, not knowing a freakin’ thing about star wars? how can he call himself a man? and how can he live in manhattan and think 15 minutes was enough time to get anywhere?

~~and Marshawn, oh yes, let’s display all the characters no one knows and completely ignore all the main characters that PEOPLE.ACTUALLY.WANT.TO.SEE. good idea, honey. and way to drop the ball 30 minutes before the presentation.

~~i love Alla. i’m hoping for an Alla/Randall final 2. and i like that she called out Clay on stealing all her ideas. he’s such a whiny bee-otch.

~~“I was quite excited to spend the day with Bill.” Yes, Adam, we can tell. bwah!

~~the cab ride monologue was one of the best cab rides ever. It was like watching a Stepford Wife robot malfunction. Did she not realize that Brian was in the cab with her?


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