November 8 04

…but we’ve now got our own “Mills” in Canada….we’ve got…drumroll please….Vaughan Mills.

There are several stores that are at all the Mills – American Eagle, Children’s Place, Nike Factory Store. Unfortunately, this is pretty much where the similarities end.

There is no: Banana, Gap, Carters, Oshkosh, Bath and Body Works, Ann Taylor….

And where are they, you ask?
They all pulled out at the last minute. crap.

Well, the good news is that i was able to find some good deals on Canadian clothing – i got an amazing suit at Femme de Carriere and some great shirts and sweaters at Tristan for really cheap…but we already have Femme and Tristan outlets in the city. I only need to drive to Colussus and we have an entire strip of Canadian outlets. Who needs more of those?


to put it bluntly, canadian sales suck! at my Old Navy at the promenade mall, I watch as a sweater i want to buy for Emily starts at $48 dollars. In a few weeks, it goes down to 34.99. Great deal! then i watch as a few weeks later, it goes all the way down to $29.99. skippy! hooray! all Canadians race out to buy the sweater at the $30 dollar steal! But, you have to act quickly, because usually, by the time it reaches the cheap price, there are only sizes 3-6 months left, and then you are kicking yourself for not buying it when it was $34.99.

now, had this been my Old Navy in Milwaukee, it would have likely gone like this. The sweater would start at $39. it would stay on the shelf until it goes down to $19.99, then $12.99, then $9.99. then i would pick it up for $6.99, and I’m happy because they still have the sweater in every size.

Do you see the difference?

  1. Think of it this way. American shoppers visiting Canada probably think it’s cool to have all these stores they don’t normally have at home.

    Comment by dalarl on November 8, 2004
  2. Do you see the difference?Canadian stores suck? 🙂

    Comment by Sean on November 8, 2004
  3. yes!!! my husband buys about 99% of all this clothing in the states. he just can bring himself to buy a sweater at banana for $98 dollars when he can go in atlanta and pay $19.99 for the same sweater.

    Comment by Ali on November 8, 2004
  4. Just be thankful you don’t live in England. Whatever costs $89 here costs 89 pounds there.

    Comment by dalarl on November 8, 2004
  5. yes! but then i could use words like “snog” and “bollocks” 🙂

    Comment by Ali on November 8, 2004
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