January 10 05

My poor Packers played like absolute shite, and lost 31-17 to the Vikings. what is the point of coming back from being down 1-5 in the beginning of the season, if you can’t step it up in the playoffs. what the hell?

in a moment of comic relief though, after receiving a 34-yard touchdown pass from Duante Culpepper, Randy Moss mooned the Green Bay Packer fans and wiped his ass on the goalpost. although it didn’t really happen. he was PRETENDING folks.

i thought it was hilarious, but some, including sportscaster Joe Buck, were nonplussed. “That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss. and it’s unfortunate that we have that on our air live. That is disgusting by Randy Moss.” i had to pause and rewind on my tivo to see what the disgusting act actually was. had i missed something? Had Moss actually dropped his pants and i missed it?

so, there was nothing. just a little tushy shaking. yes, in poor taste, but the guy was just happy. No doubt he will “be hearing from the NFL” and will probably face a fine, but the guy didn’t do anything wrong!!!!

and it was my one smile while watching that god awful game last night…

  1. I agree. I don’t understand what people are finding that awful about it. Maybe a little inappropriate, but it’s not that bad. He could’ve done worse.

    Comment by Ping-ji on January 10, 2005
  2. If they want to fine someone for insulting the viewing audience and not representing the image the NFL would like… it should be Brett Favre. Ugh! What happend Brett? 4 Interceptions!

    Comment by Giblet on January 11, 2005
  3. granted….that made me upset too..

    but he’s still awesome. and hot. and he’s brett fav-ra. so he’s still cool in my books!

    Comment by Ali on January 11, 2005

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