April 27 05

..is anyone else still singing that in their heads??

~~Uchenna and Joyce were robbed. again. no first place prize…again? what the hell? “Where’s my princess?” i love Uchenna.

~~Gretchen’s voice still bugs. “Scales. Scales” i feel badly for them since they seem to have trouble seeing things at EVERY TASK. but, she stormed the castle, and i was impressed!

~~Ron and Kelly make me laugh. Kudos to Ron for taking her “getting out of the military comment” so easily. and he totally rocked the columns task. but he needs to stop saying “Dang” and “Golly.”

~~I LOVE how in turkey the taxis are called “Taksis”

~~Karma is a bitch, Rob. I love you. but you were stupid. earlier flight. he.

~~Jerome the Gnome. That’s the funniest thing that’s EVER come out of Meredith’s mouth. and did anyone else find it weird that Phil kept calling it a ‘Nam?

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