April 27 05

the goods:
Vonzell – she’s very good. very. very. good. and i loved her shout out to her dad.
Bo – I’m usually not a huge Bo fan…but i love love love this song and thought he did great. he still needs a stylist. the glasses were all Simon could comment on? how about that horrible poncho he was sporting?

the mehs:
Carrie – she should have nailed this. A country girl singin’ a country song.

the bads:
Scott – i don’t really have anything else to say other than that was bad. bad. bad.
Constantine – what was with the kicks?? he keeps forgetting that Bo is their rocker, and Constantine is their “crooner”
Anthony – um…he sounded okay…but Celine Dion? really?

bottom 3 will be: Anthony, Scott, and Carrie…Scott goes home.


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