October 18 07

1. That Gardisil commercial that never says WHAT the product is, just that i should ask my doctor if it’s right for me.

ps. it’s for HPV. they could have just said that…

2. Getting a grocery cart with a wonky wheel. or one that leans one way. i swear, i end up working up a sweat. and it’s not pretty.

3. tanorexics.

case in point:

who looks somewhat….


4. people who think they are always right. and people who argue just for the sake of arguing – even if they know they are wrong. people who are “wait-to-talkers” aka people who really aren’t listening to you but are just waiting for you to stop talking so they can talk.

5. purse dogs. and dogs that look like rodents.

6. word verifications. i may have mentioned this fifteen times once.

7. i keep buying pens…but there are NEVER any pens when i need one.

8. people who eat offensive-smelling food at their desks at work. ahem, like someone’s fish lunch yesterday. polluted the entire office. eat in the fuckin’ cafeteria, i say!

9. close talkers

10. dirty cutlery in restaurants…especially getting a wine glass with someone else’s lipstick on it.

11. women with beards. there is just no excuse for this. none.

12. bad drivers. the ones who don’t signal. the ones who can’t parallel park. the ones who can’t even park in a diagonal spot. people who park too closely to your car so you can’t get in. people who race through yellow lights so you can’t make your left. people who ride your ass.

13. Fergie. my favorite drag queen. what is josh duhamel thinking??!!


  1. That stupid Gardasil commerical annoys me too! They talk about HPV as a “common virus” – like it is a damn cold or something!! Hello it’s cancer!!


    Comment by FENICLE on October 18, 2007
  2. Re: # 8 – I would like to add to that people who use the communal microwave to cook things like fish even though there are signs clearly posted saying no fish and popcorn.
    I seriously hate using our microwave because of this.
    Mmmmmm … salmon flavoured vegetable soup. My favourite.


    Comment by Laural on October 18, 2007
  3. I don’t think drug companies are allowed to say what the drug is used for in advertising, at least in Canada.


    Comment by Dawn on October 18, 2007
  4. I get really annoyed when people are in a meeting with me and they take a call on their cell phone. It’s never a senior administrator, but someone much lower in the chain of command. YOU’RE NOT THAT IMPORTANT – TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!


    Comment by LoriD on October 18, 2007
  5. It is against the law in Canada for a drug company to use both the name of the drug AND what it does in the same advertisement. Hence the “purple pill” commercials and the Gardisil commercial.

    It could be worse — we could be stuck with the US commercials where they can say both the name and what it does — but they also have to include that 2 minute list of all the possible side effects???


    Comment by Cindy on October 18, 2007
  6. Hey, I think my moustache makes me look distinguished.
    And maybe Josh Duhamel doesn’t look at her face that much.


    Comment by Rebecca on October 18, 2007
  7. Once again. Fantastic.

    However, I am so sure there are more than 13 things that annoy you!!!


    Comment by ~JJ! on October 18, 2007
  8. The drug thing: I think if they say what it does, they have to list the most common side effects also. To avoid having “bad publicity” they just assume most people know…

    I think you should do a followup: “ANOTHER 13 things that annoy me”


    Comment by loren on October 18, 2007
  9. I don’t think I could do a list like this, because I seriously couldn’t stop at 13.

    And Fergie is a man. Her and Jaslene from America’s Next Top Model. Men, both of them, I’m convinced!


    Comment by b*babbler on October 18, 2007
  10. I am also going on a mission to have people remove those damn verification codes!

    And Josh Duhamel is cah-razy to think Fergie is hot. Oy, that girl is so a drag queen!


    Comment by Jennifer on October 18, 2007
  11. I know, it is about time someone said it…Josh Duhmel, you are hot. You can do so much better!


    Comment by Cynthia on October 18, 2007
  12. soo…for some reason the wineglass with someone else lipstick on it really cracked me up. I think I’d freak out if that happened to me. Oh yeah, word verification really chaps my ass!


    Comment by manda on October 18, 2007
  13. I don’t think I could limit my list to just 13. I think you touched on most of the good ones. :-)


    Comment by Amber on October 18, 2007
  14. What an inspired list. Makes Bossy want to move to Iran.


    Comment by BOSSY on October 18, 2007
  15. You can’t say “HPV” on TV because if you do, eighth grade girls around the world will think it’s okay to have unprotected sex!

    And, I have gotten a cart with a wonky wheel the last three times I’ve gone to Target. The kicker? The wheel doesn’t go wonky until I’m halfway through the store, when it would be impractical and a waste of time to go back and get a different cart.


    Comment by Stacy on October 18, 2007
  16. Fergie. my favorite drag queen. what is josh duhamel thinking??!!
    hahahha. seriously though. he is so much cuter than she is.


    Comment by Shannon on October 18, 2007
  17. Hahahaha!! The “wait-to-talkers” are so annoying! I wonder if I’m like that?!

    And I had a girl who would eat Chick Fil’a at like 10 am!? It was so disgusting…like every morning….



    Comment by Humor Girl on October 18, 2007
  18. that was a great 13 Ali!right now i am so annoyed that i’d take up too much space to list things that annoy me


    Comment by LAVENDULA on October 18, 2007
  19. Im totally with you on 2,3,5,8 and 9! But smelly office food would have been my number one. I “enjoyed” (hey I think I just used one of the things that annoys you that didn’t make it onto the list “”) the smell of Indian food that 3 of my colleagues ate in their room. DISGUSTING.


    Comment by Nadine on October 19, 2007
  20. FInally! Someone else who feels the same way that I feel about FERGIE. She drives me freakin nuts! Josh can do better, much better!


    Comment by tracey on October 19, 2007
  21. I’m with you on the pen thing…but even worse is when I see one of my family members try to write with a pen, see that it doesn’t work and then put it back in the drawer!!! Throw it away!!!!


    Comment by Di on October 19, 2007
  22. Ew. Lunch smells at work!!!! And, I agree with ALL OF THOSE! Great list!


    Comment by haley-o on October 19, 2007
  23. Holy crap, you are the wing beneath my wings. I am with you all the way, girl. Except maybe Fergie, I am “eh” about her.


    Comment by aimee/greeblemonkey on October 22, 2007
  24. Zoloft side effects….

    Sexual side effects from zoloft. Zoloft side effects….

    Trackback by Zoloft side effects. on December 14, 2007
  25. [...] normally, i can’t stand Fergie. I find her obnoxious and annoying. and over-exposed. and awful manly. and clearly in need of some depends [...]

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