May 24 06

and i’m feeling guilty as hell.
i’m not even 100% sure why i did it. i really like Jodi. she’s always been a great colorist. i’ve never had any complaints. good salon. i get a good cut there too. they tend to be very pushy pushy with their products but usually i kindly decline.
i guess, truth be told, it was an affair of convenience.
i tried to book an appointment with Jodi and she was busy. and i was pretty desperate to get my hair colored. since it’s been god-only-knows how long and my roots….oy…my roots, they were a mess. so, i called the new place. it’s my place of choice for waxing. so…i figured…let’s give it a shot. if it’s a place i’m willing to trust with my nether regions, it’s probably a place i can trust with my hair color.
it was a very different experience. she was way less chatty than Jodi. she did the coloring differently, and little pieces of white things kept flying into my eyes. i started to panic. what was i thinking? what was i getting myself into? i was nervous that it was going to be a disaster. and i was going to have to go crawling back to Jodi and pray that she would take me back. without a fight.
and then, in front of the mirror, i discovered that it looked pretty great. not really very different than how it usually looks
but, the guilt is killing me.
it’s tearing me apart.
i’m going back next time.
and i’m going to have to come up with a good excuse for my cheating ways.


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