May 25 06

~~Wow, i’d have to say the most satisfying portion of last night’s finale, well, the second…because naturally, the first was the big ole’ Ace and Chris hug, which i paused and rewound, much to my husband’s dismay…mmmmm….Ace and Chris…. ah, yes, where was i…oh, yes, David Hasslehoff crying like a little schoolgirl. bwah!
~~oh my god. the hair? the hair! it took me about 5 minutes to realize that no, it wasn’t pee wee herman or KD Lang on the stage, it was, in fact, Clay Aiken.
~~mmm…Chris and Ed Kowalczyk. loved it.
~~is there something wrong with Meatloaf? he sounded like he was sick last night.
~~Chicken Little, singing What’s New Pussycat. i’m still chuckling over that one.
~~anyone else find Toni Braxton all weird and awkward-like when she sang “in the ghetto”? like her mouth wasn’t matching up with the words or something? scary scary whore…
~~I think Kat’s tits are actually growing. and where was the person who dressed her last night hiding all season?? she looked amazing last night.
~~Pickler is comedic gold.
~~I was hoping Kat and Taylor would do “the lift”. come on, you all know what i’m talking about…
~~Chris really likes the tight pants. mmm…Chris in tight pants…


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