February 22 11

Oh yes I did.

I wore my black leggings and converse all-star hi-tops and my sister’s giant down-to-my-knees black-and-white houndstooth sweater and my black Joey Jeremiah hat over my horrific perm. I was a big fan of that horrible hat.

(Yes. I know. There are NO words.)

I sang through the entire concert set. I cried when Joey McIntyre took the stage. I cried when he left the stage. I screamed until my voice was completely gone. I was convinced that Jonathan Knight was totally looking at ME during one of the songs. It, at the time, was the best thing to ever happen to 12-year-old-Ali. I smiled about that night every single day for an entire year each time I opened up my locker and My Teen Beat Magazine cut-out of the boys stared back at me…

KISS. KISS. Love. Love. Joey McIntyre was going to be mine. I knew everything about him. His birthdate, his hometown, his favorite songs, his favorite color, how he liked to eat his pizza. I memorized every single thing I read about him. I learned all of his dance moves.

When we took the younglings to see Justin Bieber: Never Say Never this weekend, as soon as I saw the footage of the screaming and crying girls, I was instantly taken back to my childhood and that night I saw the New Kids on the Block live and in person. I would have given one of my eye teeth to have been close enough to touch one of them.

And then, all of a sudden, I GOT IT.

The Bieber Fever.

No, I don’t personally have it, even though he DOES like to wear hoodies, but dude is a wee young for me. What I mean is, I finally understand it. For a while now, I have been in the that smug sweepy-banged kid who sings that baby song sure is overrated isn’t he? camp. But after seeing the movie from start to finish, I get it. I get the appeal. He is a small-town Canadian boy who used the power of social media and the internet and his ridiculously supportive mom and grandparents and friends to help make his dreams come true. He seems funny, down-to-earth, hard-working, and he loves his mommy. Sure, he sings bubble-gum poppy music that just isn’t my thing, but I can really appreciate what this kid has accomplished. Where he came from, what he has done, and what he is bound to do in the future.

And regardless of what you think about the kid, he can play the hell out of a drum-set and is actually quite talented.

Now if I could just get that ridiculous Never Say Never song out of my head…I’m embarrassing the hell out of my 4th grader. I really should pull out my Joey Jeremiah hat and REALLY embarrass her.

  1. I can not stand that Baby song, especially did not appreciate target playing it all day for months. He is talented though!

    (I LOVE that NPH is on that teen beat cover with NKOTB!)

    Comment by Maile on February 22, 2011
  2. Yes yes 1000 times YES! I was SO reluctant to give in to the Fever, and I even wrote posts about my 6yo loving the Biebs. So of course, being the good mother that I am, I took my girls to see the movie.

    I LOVED IT. LOVED. I cried (yes, I did), I laughed, I sang along (under my breath).

    I am now a Bielieber.

    Comment by Angie [A Whole Lot o on February 22, 2011
  3. I don’t care what you or Angie say, I will never be a Bielieber!! EVER!! 🙂

    Comment by AmazingGreis on February 22, 2011
  4. Um…I’m proud to sy I was all “indie” in my NKOTB love as I didn’t go for the typical guys….naw…not this girl -and NO! I was NOT into Danny! Nope, it was Jonathan. Oh hells yeah! Jonathan Knight for life!

    Comment by Amanda on February 22, 2011
  5. Um…and I totally have Bieber Fever? I mean how could anyone resist the Bieber?? He’s infectious!

    Comment by Amanda on February 22, 2011
  6. I saw NKOTB in concert too. And I still say that seeing them in concert as a child is much better than these middle age women who go to their concerts now!

    I was a Donnie girl. And I was so upset because he wasn’t there at the concert I saw. He hurt his back the night before.

    And now I love him on Blue Bloods.

    Comment by Kristabella on February 23, 2011
  7. good post, but i can’t stop laughing at NPH on that teen beat cover. too funny!

    Comment by adina on February 23, 2011
  8. Awww, Jennster and I saw NKOTB several times in concert and were also convinced that the boys were looking at us through the whole thing. Hahahaha, we were ridiculous. She was for Joey and I was for Jordan (she made me because we “couldn’t like the same one”). I teach 7th and 8th graders and find myself repeatedly standing up for Justin Bieber—he’s not so bad!

    Comment by alison on February 23, 2011
  9. I too saw NKOTB in 6th grade. I won tickets off the radio and was in the front, not the first row, but in front of that, up against the stage. I was a Jordan girl, but Donnie kissed, licked and then bit my hand. I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE!!!! I wore a glove in the shower for a week. I have seen them twice in the last 2 years!!!!

    Comment by Chris on February 24, 2011
  10. My kids call him Justin Beaver. Hee.

    Comment by Angella on February 24, 2011
  11. Isabella calls him that too! hahahaha!

    Comment by ali on February 24, 2011
  12. Oh shit. Dammit Ali.

    I’d forgotten. NKOTB. Me too. 4th grade. Saw them in concert. Sigh. I feel like I may need to apologize to my girls tonight. They so want to go see the Beiber movie.

    ps. My younger daughter calls him Justin Blieber. Mostly to piss off her sister.

    Comment by Issa on February 25, 2011
  13. I lost it at the Joey Jeremiah reference…oh how I loved those Degrassi days.
    I still don’t get the Bieber thing…but my students who “can’t stand him” don’t seem to get the irony of the situation as I look around the room and see MANY Bieber cuts on the boys. Too funny!

    Comment by Amanda on February 27, 2011
  14. I just love that hat. I think you should bring it back.

    Comment by Avitable on March 1, 2011

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