July 13 05

It’s funny. I’m usually NOT the type to get sensitive about things like invitations.
If a bunch of my friends are getting together, and I wasn’t invited, honestly, i don’t think twice about it. really. people who know me well, know this is true.

I guess I’m just comfortable in my relationships with my friends NOT to think “oh my goodness! They didn’t invite me to their barbeque, but they invited couples X and Y. They must not like me.” I have lots of friends who get insulted by these type of situations.

In the same way that I can’t feel obligated to invite every single one of my friends, every single time i do anything or go anywhere, i would not expect my friends to feel obligated either.

Which is why it’s irking me so much that an incident happened this week that I – uncharacteristically so – just can’t get past. Perhaps it’s the fact that i’m 8 months pregnant and my hormones are completely out of whack. or perhaps it’s because it’s family. Whatever the reason, i felt slightly overlooked. and I HATE FEELING THIS WAY.

basically, to make a long story short, my sister in law and brother in law made a birthday party for my nephew. they wanted to keep it small – and only invited 6 of his friends. boy, they lucked out. they were able to give their 6 year old a party in the park, while i was forced to pay hundreds of dollars so my 4 year old could have a gymnastics party. but i digress…

anyway, the husband and i didn’t think twice about it. and then my other sister in law said that they were at the party. okay, we thought, fine, maybe they were there to help out because my inlaws were at the cottage. then, on monday, we get a huge picture folder of all the photos from the party.

in the pictures are Ben and his 6 friends, my sister and brother in law, my other sister and brother in law, and my other brother in law. EVERYONE but us.

okay, fine, i understand if they wanted to keep it small and not invite a ton of people. but, it was in the freakin’ park. they weren’t paying by the head. and they served pizza and cake. (as a side note, all 3 of their children were at my daughter’s birthday party….where we paid for each person….but whatever…that’s us, not them)

the least they could have done was invite my daughter. and if they didn’t want to invite her to the park part, invite her to come and have cake at the end of the party. and if you are going to make a party and have your entire family there except your brother, DON’T SEND HIM THE PICTURES. that’s just plain old rude.

am i totally crazy for feeling this way?


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