July 13 05

In some ways, even though this is my third baby, i feel like a first time mom.
Both times i went into labor, it was the exact same way.
I was on the elliptical trainer, got off, laid down on my bed to watch regis and kelly, was on the phone with dikla, and my water broke.

no joke. both times.

so, i guess you can say i took the easy way out. when your water breaks, you go to the hospital. it’s that simple. there’s no timing involved, no questions of “should we go in? should we not go in?” it’s right there for you. you must head to the hospital if your water breaks.

this time around, however, i’m having serious period-like cramping all the time. last night i had contractions that were 4 minutes apart for 4 hours. they didn’t really get intensely painful, so i figured there was no way i was in labor. turns out, i was right, and at 10 oclock they just turned off, but how do i know? they say that you know. but, i’m not so sure. and since it will be my third delivery, there’s a chance i may progress quickly.

so…really, how do i know when to go in?
i would really love to avoid the running to the hospital only to have them laugh in my face and say, “Ha! You’re so stupid! You’re not in labor. Go home.”


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