October 30 06

okay, fine, it’s not entirely true.

i’m only a bitch sometimes. and these times seem to correspond with me having to wake up in the middle of the night. or having to wake up too early. against my will. then i become uber-bitch. that’s your cue to run. run like forest gump.  

don’t get me wrong. i did the not sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time thing with all three of my babies. and didn’t complain. well, not too much. i guess post-partum a woman’s body just adjusts and sleepless nights become the norm. but luckily, these nights didn’t take much out of me. mostly, the babies would wake, i’d shove a boob in his or her mouth and she’d be back asleep until the next feeding. i didn’t have to do much “conscious-time” during those early months.

but then your body readjusts. it adjusts back into that sleeping-all-night mode. where you crawl into bed and don’t wake up until the morning when your alarm goes off or a child toddles in. perhaps the occasional re-pacification or the occasional filling up of a child’s water bottle. these things i can handle. no problem.

it’s the times when i’m awoken from a deep sleep and need to behave like a human being that i run into problems. when i need to have a conversation. when i need to TALK a child into going back to sleep. when the baby is up and she just won’t go back to sleep. when a child is having a night terror. when i have to go and find the tylenol and who the hell knows where it is. when i have to administer meds to a child who is the devil just won’t take it. 

this weekend was chock full of these good times. three of the five of us are sick – the husband, the boy, and the baby. plus, she’s teething like a motherfucker. no, i’m not kidding. every time i put my finger in her mouth i get bitten, of course, and i can feel another tooth coming in. she got them, so now her mouth is playing catch-up, and we are all paying the price. she’s also been having night-terrors of late. where she can’t be consoled. and it scares the living crap out of me. she’s 14 months old. it’s too early for night terrors.

and the time change didn’t do us any favors. the entire family was up this morning at 4:45. (not that 5:45 would have been much better…since either way there would have been cursing from me). 4:45. sheesh, i’m tired. but the coffee seems to be helping. pray for me that tonight is better. i could use some sleep.

sleep issues aside, we had a pretty nice jam-packed weekend, which included a free-trip to Deerhurst, Chuck E. Cheese (a place where a kid can be a kid, unless she is 14 months old and just wants to run around and steal everyone’s skee-ball balls and climb up on everything. he. i said balls.), the Baby and Toddler Show, where i was representing for Urbanmoms. and i even got me a t-shirt. check out fabulous this morning for a full recap.

some good ole’ TAR snarkiness

~ Kentucky lives to see another week. although, i fear that they may not be long for this game. they are awesome…but they are sooo slow. Philli-poo….it’s Dave and Mary’s THIRD chance.

~”London” “Ask him what country that’s in” “England” he.

~Dave and Mary looking for “booketing” at the airport. ah, love!

~the trap! genius!Kimberly was the #1 victim for me.

  1. Something is in the air… our daughter was up every hour last night (so I was told… my wonderful wife left our room at 3am and left me to sleep before work) crying.

    Re: TAR

    Personally, I enjoyed the blank look the ticket guy gave Alabama while they kept saying, “you do what you want, but can you live with yourself for doing it?”

    The thing that bugged me was that neither detour had a positive aspect: both were just random “go find this”.

    Comment by Jeff on October 30, 2006
  2. Ali, man OH man, do I feel your pain….the Randa decdied 3 nights in a row last week that it was ok to go to bed at normal time of 7:30, but then as soon as I hit the sack at 11:30 to 12, she bloody well wakes up screaming EACH time. No amount of re-pacifying (as you put it), cuddle time, DRUGS, would do a damn thing…roll on 1:30 (yawn) and the little cow would only sleep ON me, no you read right, ON me, not NEXT to me. Culprit? Molars, thanks very much NOT..

    Then she chooses the last couple of nights to NOT go to bed at all until 10 p.m. – decideds to do yoga next to me at 9:30 last night, little turd…

    Oh woe is me – and I can tell you at 42 years young, the morningsweren’t looking too bright last week LOL.

    No DLS here in Perth so joy upon joy, in about a month’s time or so, we will get BRIGHT sunshine at 5 a.m. eeach and every morning for 3 months…gotta love those *progressive* farmers here (NOT>>>).

    Have a coffee on me babe..

    Comment by Heidi on October 30, 2006
  3. I am SO with you on the whole uber-bitch if I don’t have some decent ZZZ’s. My twins (2.5yo)have been sick (coughing, barking, gagging) for about a month now, and only seem to do it at night. Of all the god-forsaken times. And the time change did us no favours here either. And I still have to watch TAR, so I can’t read that part yet.

    Comment by Jay on October 30, 2006
  4. There must be something in the water I tell you. Thanks for the suggestions, I didn’t think about night terrors until you mentioned it.

    Comment by Waya on October 30, 2006
  5. I feel your pain, too, Ali. Although, my pain yesterday and today is of the self-inflicted kind. I went to halloween parties both Friday and Saturday nights (grown up ones) and over indulged a little… Needless to say, yesterday, just the sound of my kids voices were enough to have me reaching for the tylenol… It didn’t help that it was a perfect day for running around inside screaming while playing laser tag.

    Oh yeah – night terrors – my oldest had them every night from around that age…they lasted a few months. Never in my life (before or since) have I witnessed something as horrible. And I was totally helpless to comfort him. Good luck, I hope they don’t last long in your house.

    Comment by Joanne on October 30, 2006
  6. Here’s a **snippit** of how my weekend began…
    Friday Night:

    Sean quarantined downstairs – fevered and hacking up both lungs.
    Cam in my bed.
    Me in my bathroom puking (BTW – I have the same emetophobia as you)
    Cam walked in and threw up on my bathroom floor.
    Once I finish my sick, I’m down on the floor cleaning his.
    Cuy…sleeping like a baby…good boy!
    Did I mention that I’m 7months pregnant…ya..I am…

    I hope your nights get better, Bella’s teeth come in and every re-adjusts to the time.
    (We actually let them stay up and watch the whole Leaf game and the beginning of the Oiler game – they slept in til 8 on Sunday)

    Comment by Christine on October 30, 2006
  7. He. You said BALLS!
    I FEEL for you! The monkey is getting every single possible tooth in her mouth right now. Runny nose, red eyes even, wah wah….the reddest EVAH cheeks. I FEEL, dahling, I FEEL!!! Hope tonight’s a better night….

    Comment by haley-o on October 30, 2006
  8. If the baby is sleeping, one of the other kids is NOT. It’s like the house of the living dead around here – so yeah. I know what you’re going through. Poor tired us.

    Comment by Rebecca on October 30, 2006
  9. i think you and i are one. don’t people know better than to wake us?

    Comment by jennster on October 30, 2006
  10. Hope you’re all feeling better soon!

    Comment by Colleen on October 30, 2006
  11. WonderBaby started having night terrors a month ago, at ten and a half months. So, um, not early. Check the urbanmoms post that I did (the one with Nyquil in the title) where I mentioned the night terrors – I received some useful advice in the comments.

    Comment by Her Bad Mother on October 31, 2006
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