November 10 04

Maybe I’m just not feminist enough.
But, the idea of living in a fantastic house in the suburbs that is always clean doesn’t sound too bad. Stepford wives are beautiful, fit, and good cooks. They don’t have to work, their husbands don’t have to work, yet they always seem to have more than enough money. And they have good sex – – – in the middle of the day. I’m sorry to say, but that doesn’t sound too shabby to me.
Sign me up!!!

While i enjoyed the first two-thirds of the movie (most likely because I went in not expecting too much out of it), I found the ending rather blah. I found out this morning that the ending was re-written after the original ending failed with test audiences. I wonder how bad that original ending must have been…

and, Jon Lovitz, I’m sorry, but he’s hysterical. It has become a toss up for me as to who’s delivery is better: his or Bree’s from Desperate Housewives.
“Why cant you bake like that?”
“Why cant you?”
“Because I have a penis…”

  1. pretty funny. i watched that movie last night too. i guess the odds aren’t that slim, considering tuesday night’s t.v. lineup. ALTHOUGH i watched the rebel billionaire and i really liked it!!! i also taped scrubs and that leaves an hour and half for stepford . . . pretty pathetic, now that i think about it – but what else is a girl to do when her hubby is either playing sports or helping people? t.v. watchng is just as meaningful, right???

    Comment by matin on November 10, 2004
  2. did you like the movie?

    shit. i forgot to tivo scrubs last night….hmmm…i hope someone has it.

    Comment by Ali on November 10, 2004
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