November 11 04

ah! It seems like only yesterday that the gang from West Beverly chanted these words so their pal Donna could graduate with her class…

Some other memorable moments:

~Scott shoots himself.
~Brenda’s pregnancy scare.
~Dylan is “persona nongrada” at the Walshes.
~Donna loses her virginity after six years….and then David cheats on Donna.
~Dylan picks Kelly (over Brenda) in the pool. “It’s you. It’s always been you.”
~Ray abuses Donna.
~Mr. Walsh goes to Washington. and kisses Kelly.
~The downfall of Kelly – she’s burned, then joins a cult, then turns to cocaine, then has a miscarriage, then gets shot, the gets raped, then shoots the rapist. Holy crap.

There are a lot more, but I figured I’d limit it to my most favorite moments.

my goodness…i miss this show. i wish we got FX in Canada. We don’t have any reruns…suckypants.
when’s it coming out on DVD? anyone?

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