February 24 06

~~What? what? what? did i think i’d see that day? the day i’d AGREE with Shane? Danielle is lazy. Courtney is lazy. i don’t know that i would have gone about it the way he had…shmuck…

~~I didn’t think they’d actually SHOW terry finding the idol. there goes all the suspense..i hope this whole immunity idol doesn’t backfire if Terry makes it all the way and never needs to use it. and what happens to the next person who goes to exile island??

~~Cirie is a hoot. i love when she talks about all the cattiness of the “alliance” i wanted her to go first…but now i kind of want her to stick around a little longer. she’s snarky and she’s working hard…she may turn out to be a major player.

~~Ruth Marie deserved to go…mostly because she said she was small in “statue.”

~~Austin is SOOO the new Bobby Jon.

~~While i found Bobby’s use of the outhouse to do his business both disgusting and mildly amusing, i think just making a decision like that while all your tribe members are trying to decide what to do with it was wrong…

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