July 23 04

I don’t think I’m drinking enough water.

I just read this whole article about how drinking a ton of water will help speed up your metabolism, and goodness knows, that’s what’s I need….some good ole metabolism boosting. I swear, I can eat 800 calories every day for a week and not lose a single pound. My husband, heaven bless him, can eat one less slice of pizza at dinner and drop 2 pounds by the next morning. I think my metabolism has just gotten way too used to eating so little that it’s made it impossible for me to lose weight.

Does that make any sense at all?

Well, either way, I’m now on a mission to keep my body superhydrated. I was so quick this morning to drink my water that somehow I managed to spill half my drink on my shirt (at least it’s only water…). yes, it’s true, I have a drinking problem 🙂

anyone else have any metabolism boosting tips????

  1. Re: Hydrating tips
    See picture of Britney Spears above. She seems to have found a way to burn lots of calories while ingesting liquids.

    Comment by Anonymous on July 30, 2004
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