January 18 05

Remind me again why i live in this frozen tundra? it’s mornings like this when i can’t imagine how the first settlers (the ones who actually survived the first winter here) didn’t pack their belongings to find warmer pastures. Why on earth would one CHOOSE to live in a place this cold???

it’s so cold, folks. it’s that kind of cold when you walk outside and the snot inside your nose freezes. come on, you know what i’m talking about…now that’s pretty fucking cold. it’s the kind of cold where you don’t want to get out of your warm bed. you want to drink hot chocolate and snuggle with your blankets all day.

needless to say, that is NOT what i’m doing today. i drove carpool this morning…which is always a joy. my carpool kids, Eli and Shira, are sweet kids. but they are incredibly slow-moving, like slugs. and now, i’m at work. attempting to defrost. cripes, i’m cold.

i did wear knee-high wool socks underneath my cords this morning. i take great satisfaction in the fact that my legs are super warm, and no one has any clue how dorky i look 🙂

  1. I dig your blog and you look friendly and kind, so I’ll
    be a regular reader. When being a pain, I prefer to write anonymously: please, it’s not nice to see a mother
    use words like ‘fucking’ and ‘snot’ and it doesn’t match
    your image. By the way (much less important) it’s a
    ‘gilded cage’ (gold-plated), not ‘guilded’. Please, no
    strong language in your reaction! — Anon.

    Comment by Anonymous on January 18, 2005
  2. okay, i guess i have a few things to say here:

    a) i’m glad you like my blog and that you are a regular reader. nothing could make me happier. really.

    b) i’m sorry if you are offended by my language…but to be fair, this blog is my outlet. i would never use the f-word in front of my children, or even in my daily conversation, but my blog is a place where i can express my feelings…and yes, it’s REALLY cold outside. i’m sorry to say, but it is, and i’m peeved this morning because i’m cold. i’m sorry if you are offended. really, i am.

    c) do i know who you are? i’m, of course, going to be thinking about this all day…

    d) what’s wrong with the word ‘snot’? seriously? it’s the same thing as saying booger.

    e) guilded/gilded. it came straight from the disney princess quiz page – i simply copied and pasted the code. so all apologies, but i didn’t write it. if i knew more about html, i might attempt to fix it, but i’m not that computer literate. sorry.

    f) all this said, i hope you continue to read. and just so you know…my profanities are usually kept to a minimum…but there are occasions where i use them.

    Comment by Ali on January 18, 2005
  3. O K, well taken. You can relax; we don’t know each other – I’m a couple of time-zones away and surprised that you’re awake and responding right away. So, enjoy your
    day and know that I still like you.

    Comment by Anonymous on January 18, 2005
  4. “snot”? – it’s more technical even than booger isn’t it? i think it was the “nicer” choice – like breast instead of boobie.

    as for cursing, let it out here, girl!! it’s got to go somewhere and we’re all adults!

    and simply my opinion, but i feel like if you’re going to judge a person (especially a complete stranger) on something as inconsequential as their language or spelling or grammar on their blog (even though that bit wasn’t even your mistake – by the way – i took the quiz and was belle and they misspelled appearance and judgment) — you should at least let them know who you are instead of doing the haha-this-is-the-internet-and-unless-you’re-computer-savvy-enough-to-trace-my-ip-address-you-have-no-way-of-knowing-anything-about-me-chicken-out thing.

    Comment by chisparoja on January 18, 2005
    Yay. This is my first cyber-spat experience!!!

    Comment by matin on January 18, 2005
  6. “you look friendly and kind”, but she still chewed you out for your language… hm… and ya, it’s weather like that when i start to dream about lying (omg, is my grammar ok?!) on a beach in Mexico. (btw, I’m Ariel!)

    Comment by Ping-ji on January 18, 2005
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