January 17 05

According to IMDB, everyone’s favorite waify elfin munchkins have decided to live apart.
perhaps it’s because they are looking for some individuality.
perhaps it’s because Mary Kate wants a place better suited to her favored pastime of painting
or perhaps it’s simply because Mary Kate has been wearing the blankets as clothing, and Ashley’s getting tired of being cold…

  1. Wow what a cool Blog. i was just checking out all the other blogs out here and stummbled onto this one. you seem real cool! You should stop by my blog and leave a post sometimne! Ill keep checking this out. Good Job!


    Comment by RED on January 17, 2005
  2. Thanks! Keep reading!
    I will definitely check out your blog 🙂

    Comment by Ali on January 17, 2005
  3. I heard the split was a result of Ahley constantly mistaking Mary Kate for a clothes hanger. Damn that girl’s skinny…

    Comment by Giblet on January 17, 2005

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