October 12 04

This is NOT a joke:

I was in the bathroom this morning…minding my own business….doing my business…when this voice calls out, “Onions, onions, onions. That’s all i can smell around here!”

I swear I almost died. I realized that she was on her way into the bathroom and was commenting on the smell from the cafeteria. But, to walk into a bathroom and say that??? crazy! At least i was only peeing…imagine how embarrassed the girl in the stall next to me must have been!

  1. Too. Much. Information.

    But very funny.

    Comment by Sean on October 12, 2004
  2. you can ALWAYS count on me to provide too much information…

    Comment by Ali on October 12, 2004
  3. Let’s hope they were talking about the food from the cafeteria as you suspect.

    Comment by Anonymous on October 12, 2004

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