October 12 04

I’m a day late…but it’s only because I was away from my computer all day yesterday.

so, happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.

I don’t actually celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for me comes at the end of November. I will be having my turkey and peas and mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie with my family on November 25th. In Canada. I know that probably sounds weird. But, that’s the American in me. It just doesn’t feel right to have Thanksgiving on a Monday. In October. Without watching football.

So, we spent the day apple picking. We didn’t realize that even though the weather forecast said it was going to be 15c, it was actually around 6-7c, which is quite cold. None of us were dressed warmly enough. We went with Gav’s sister and brother-in-law and their 3 kids. It was great. Emily…who certainly is proving that she’s my daughter…refused to get in there to pull them off the trees because she didn’t want to ruin her shoes by stepping on the apples that had fallen to the ground. I told Gav’s sister Sharon that we are much more of an indoor kind of family. 🙂

When we got home I made an apple pie. What else was i going to do with the 100 apples that i brought home?? I have never made apple pie before – but it was a lot of fun, and it turned out great! I was the most nervous about the pie crust, but it turned out great too!


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