June 13 07

The Sopranos fades to black.

{spoiler alert. if you are insane and haven’t yet watched the Sopranos series finale…i beg you to stop reading blogs and get your ass in front of your tivo}

my first thought, after my heart started beating again after the whole twins/Phil Leotardo/tire incident (gah!), was total cop-out. by leaving the ending open-ended, he gets out of being forced to decide the fate of Tony Soprano. but, then, after letting it all soak in, i realize that David Chase is a genius.

every single frame of the Sopranos has meaning. even those moments where you turn to your tv partner and say, “huh?”, they mean something. And Chase is NOT the type to finish off his series with a neat little cookie-cutter wrapped-up Christmas present ending. THAT would have been the cop-out. instead, he forces us to decide for ourselves what happened.

and everyone’s talking about it. Sopranos was the number one google search this week…or was it second, right after youtube? either way, David Chase wins. with his cliffhanger finale…we’ll always wonder. we’ll wonder why the HELL it took Meadow 20 freakin’ minutes to park her damn beamer. we’ll wonder if the fading to black was paying homage to earlier this season when Bobby tells Tony that he “wouldn’t even know it had happened: everything would just go black”. we’ll wonder who those people in the restaurant were and if they were significant or just plain old patrons. we’ll wonder if the Soprano family goes on to live the status quo, where AJ continues to fuck up and blame everything on his depression and Meadow is wedding-planning and disappointing Carmela because she’s not a doctor and Carm is talking about her damn spec house and Tony is bathrobe-clad and heavily-breathing.  

but come on, tell me i wasn’t the only one hoping the Russian would come out of the woods to seal Tony’s fate. with a cleaver. bwah.

i can’t remember if i’ve posted about the monkeysocks before. Isabella has two nicknames. the first is ‘boots’ and the second is ‘monkeysocks.’ the boots comes from BellaBoots, which surprisingly, came way before her Dora obsession. that one started, oh, around day one. the monkeysocks moniker came from the child’s early affection for her beloved socks.

they came as a Chrismukah gift from my stepmom. Isabella took one look at these and has not worn any other socks since. (at least not under protest. and remember…i pick my battles. the sock battle is just not worth it)

except for the fact that these socks are size 0-6 months. and she’s – quickly – approaching age 2. and she’s hardly a petite little thing. and Trumpette decided to make their monkeysocks in one size only. 0-6 months.


it’s Wednesday…softball day.

pray for me that i don’t throw this much like a girl. funnily enough, this is the EXACT outfit i play in.

  1. As a writer, you want people talking about what you did, which is exactly what’s happening here. I was thinking that Vito Jr. would come back from his intervention and try to off Tony.

    Comment by hello insomnia on June 13, 2007
  2. I am behind on Sopranos as I am watching the episodes on A&E Wednesday nights. They just aired the episode where those dopes were lost in the woods. It was great! What a bunch of jackasses!

    Comment by Ruby on June 13, 2007
  3. I will admit I was displeased by the episode. Although the more I think about it, the more I kinda like it. According to Steven Van Zandt, the character who walked into the bathroom at the very end was credited as Phil’s brother. Funny.

    Comment by Chris on June 13, 2007
  4. those socks are just the coolest. i have two pairs of monkey socks myself. 🙂 and a pair of ducky socks, too! and giraffes… come to think of it, i have practically a zoo in my sock drawer!

    Comment by lara on June 13, 2007
  5. Would you believe I’ve never seen a single episode of The Sopranos?

    Comment by mamatulip on June 13, 2007
  6. My aunt is mailing it to me. Like in the mailbox. I had to skip to the end of your post.

    Comment by Oh, The Joys on June 13, 2007
  7. That sucks about the socks. You should call them or e-mail them and ASK. Like, when I was on my great soother hunt – and playtex discontinued the soothers – I found out that they were selling them off at their outlet sale.
    Seriously. CALL!
    Maybe they don’t feel older kids want them.

    Comment by Laural on June 14, 2007
  8. I consider the ending to be like a new Simpson’s episode. You have to think on it afterward and watch it four more times before you really get what it meant.

    Comment by Chantal on June 14, 2007
  9. I saw Trumpette mary-jane socks in size 1-2 years on Shop.com… perhaps they have the monkey ones, too.

    Comment by Toryssa on June 14, 2007
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