May 22 06

whatever the heck that is… (okay, yes, i googled it….)
well, it means no work for me, which is always a nice way to spend your birthday. at home. with the family. no work.

but, the family’s not here. the husband has taken the kids to Canada’s Wonderland. and the bella is sleeping.
my task for today is to clean my house because, seriously, it’s a disaster. i feel like Cinderella. “oh, and for a special treat, you get to clean the house for your birthday! yay!”
oh, and i must ice the cake that my kids made for me. red velvet. mmmm…red velvet….
is it wrong to be icing your own birthday cake???

we saw DaVinci code last night. mixed reviews from the people we were with. some hated it, some gave it a 7 out of 10 (you know who you are 🙂 ) i enjoyed it. thought the acting was crap. except for Silas, because he was fucking creepy. i don’t know. i guess because i was expecting it to be unwatchable, i was pleasantly surprised. the pace was good, it was pretty true to the book, and the visuals were great.

is it wrong to eat the cake before the family comes home, because, damnit, it looks REALLY good.


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