November 2 05

~~there’s something seriously wrong with the Weavers. i mean, who says, “We’ve been raised since we were born, not to trust other people.” what does that even mean? no wonder no one likes them!

~~”I don’t have money. I have….love.” creepy.

~~Megan is now officially a Linz boy. I’m so glad she got those balls she’s been waiting 21 years for.

~~Ha! poor Tammy and the red bean. it’s just like Lena and the haystack!

~~I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried at the elimination, especially when Carissa was wrinkling up her nose so that she wouldn’t cry. and Billy, you gotta love his, “you’re under absolutely no pressure at all, mom!”. my hat’s off to those kids.

~~and i still don’t like the Paolos. those sons are cockroaches. just because one of them said something nice about his mother is not all that redeemable in my eyes. although, i did have me a little smirk when Mama Paolo said, “I’m coming” and then her son said “so’s Christmas”. ha!


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