October 12 07

Britney’s snatch is becoming more popular than “checking the poo” on Scrubs. yes, yes, we know that sometimes i go out commando. and i did, on one occasion flash an unsuspecting rabbi in the parking lot at the library. but i assure you, i AM a lady. i know how to close my legs. someone needs to teach Britney so we don’t have to bleed from our eyes when we see this. (NOT safe for work, folks)

Mary Kate Olsen scares me. i’m sure i will nightmares tonight.

so does this stroller:

who watched Heroes? anyone find the coupling of Mohinder Suresh and Matt Parkman to be the most interesting couple on this show? much more interesting than Clare and her Superboy wannabe…or certainly more interesting than Peter Petrelli and his Irish lady (because y’all? seriously? i won’t like anyone with my Peter…)

America’s Next Top Model? i heart makeover week. Bianca goes bald and looks stunningly beautiful. Saleisha goes “high fashion” which in Tyraspeak really means “tootie = =


Bald Bianca = HOT

The Bachelor? Solisa wears her special parts on the outside. i think that means she has big labia.

Friday Night Lights? where to even start. i so heart this show. i heart everyone on the show. well, except for Mrs. Coach (who knew her name was Tami?) because she’s just annoying, really. Landry and “the Seracin”‘s conversation about WWRD…what would Riggins do….was perfection. because Riggins wouldn’t be worried about his girlfriend flirting the “the swede” (who, ps, looks no more swede than your truly) because Riggins is the captain of the SS Tatas. and boy is he ever…much to Lyla’s dismay. yes, she’s accepted Jesus Christ as her lord and savior…but she has not learned that YES, mothers of three CAN wear skinny jeans. damnit.

Survivor? boring. as. hell. except maybe Denise and the “delicatest” meal. the special effects?!!? what the hell? and Courtney needs a sandwich. i’m underwhelmed by everyone. i hope this season gets better.

Grey’s Anatomy? I heart Cristina the surgery stealer with all her fake sadness. also…she stole the show with her “what’s the matter? couldn’t find his LVAD wire?” line. badass. Bailey is a sock-rocker. love. she’s the best #2 ever. Alex. shit. i don’t know whether to hate him or to love him. sigh. i miss Addison.

The Office? That was weird…and almost painful to watch…however, i did enjoy the bouncing DVD opening. That’s so something that would happen at my office. I also did enjoy the club called Chatroom and the password that was actually “password”. and Michael calling Angela “booster seat” was pretty great too. oh, and Jim signing Meredith’s underwear cast.

okay…i’ve talked, on numerous occasions, how i’m incapable of doing a simple word verification…and you all probably think i’m insane…but here’s a question for you….while on urbanmoms today…i got smacked with this:

anyone want to take a stab? before i stab someone in the throat… surely there’s another way to prove i’m not a spambot or what have you…right? there must be!!

  1. “aZf4wy”

    Re: Survivor – The effects over the last 2 episodes (remember the final chop slo-mo effect?) have been so cheesy. Looks like someone learned how to use the editing machine this summer.

    Re: Grey’s – I found it kind of a “meh” episode myself.

    Re: Heroes – LOVING it right now, especially the Peter amnesia angle

    Re: FNL – I just hope they don’t take Saracen’s buddy and write him off… his chase of Tyra is one of my favorite parts of the show right now.

    ~~see…you might think it’s aZf4wy….but alas, that’s what i thought it was…apparently, it wasn’t… ~Ali

    Comment by SciFi Dad on October 12, 2007
  2. aZf4wy

    What was up with Alex .. I did not get why he made that jab at George…what an a**

    if you miss Addison .. are you watching Private Practice (wed abc 9pm ..) it is awesome!

    Comment by Sarah on October 12, 2007
  3. btw .. I put that code without looking at the first comment…

    and .. ever watch that cartoon .. Judy Gloom? Mary Kate looks like she is the character Misery!!

    Comment by Sarah on October 12, 2007
  4. azl4wy would have been my guess.

    and i skipped the whole part about greys because i havent seen it yet.. so i didn’t want to spoil anything. and considering it’s really the only show i watch out of the ones you listed .. i’ll be back to make promised comment. (:

    i was so confused when i got here, i was like .. smackdown? that’s a friday thing .. this is friday?! i can’t believe it’s friday already. this is what holidays do, make the weeks shorter, not that i’m complaining.

    also, i agree. mk looks ready for halloween.

    Comment by Shannon on October 12, 2007
  5. If onnly Britters gave her kids as much attention as her lady-garden.

    Comment by LaLa on October 12, 2007
  6. Okay, if you like America’s Next Top Model (I love) check out this blog. He does the funniest reviews ever.
    And, I totally agree about Bianca’s hair. I didn’t like Saleisha’s.
    But … I love Gwen Stefani’s stroller. It’s totally her. I just want to know how she gets Kingston to stay put. At that age Matt had no interest in strollers.

    Comment by Laural on October 12, 2007
  7. With you on the office – the funny just made me uncomfortable this week.

    Comment by Jackie on October 12, 2007
  8. Why does Brit insist on flashing? Ewww!
    Alex is a *ick, he’s cute, but a total *ss.
    I am frightened by Mary Kate and a see a creepy similarity to The Scream.

    Comment by Cynthia on October 12, 2007
  9. aZt4wy ?

    I agree, Bianca was totally hot bald. Best thing that could have happened to her! Though at first I thought she looked a tad like Terrell Owens. And am I the only one that found it amusing that they cut Saleisha’s to hang in her eyes and then griped because her eyes disappeared in her photo? lol

    Comment by AJ on October 12, 2007
  10. Bianca – excellent bald, hate the attitude
    Grey’s Anatomy – loooove Bailey. looove Christina. Hate hate HATE George/Izzie. Seriously, what were they doing having a fight about him breaking up with Callie when he was SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF SURGERY? Aiyeee the show irritates me, but I can’t. Stop. Watching.

    Comment by b*babbler on October 12, 2007
  11. this week’s episode of ANTM was way better than last weeks…although i guess that isn’t saying much 🙂

    Comment by Tova on October 12, 2007
  12. I can read the verification, but it’s already been stated several times so i won’t bore you with redundency. 🙂 For the record, I should NOT have clicked on the word HERE, under Britney’s picture. My entire day and frame of mind is forever altered.

    I am loving this season of the office…

    Comment by misty on October 12, 2007
  13. I miss Addison also. I’ve been watching her new show Private Practice and I really like it. As far as The Office goes, I was kind of disappointed with the episode last night. However, Dwight holding up those 2 plaques and mentioning that he got them in lieu of a pay raise was pretty priceless.

    Comment by manda on October 12, 2007
  14. On the last episode of The Hills, when they were in Las Vegas and Lo was wearing a mini-dress and sat down, Lauren said to Brody, “I just saw Lo’s Britney.” When the new word for vajayjay became “Britney” you’d think she’d have started trying a little harder to keep covered up.



    Comment by epic on October 12, 2007
  15. aztawy .Ali i got one of those stupid things on urbanmoms the other day to.WTF?maybe brit should wear longer dresses if she can’t find her panties before going out.i’m not really liking any of the wannabe models on ANTM. heroes is such a great show.

    Comment by LAVENDULA on October 12, 2007
  16. awesome post! all of it! and, ali…a RABBI????

    Comment by haley-o on October 12, 2007
  17. um I have nothing to say about our poor idiotic brit.
    And what is up with the bowl-cut/bob? I had that when I was 7. It wasn’t even that cute then.
    This was a fun read, thanx!

    Comment by Kristen on October 12, 2007
  18. Re Brit — I should not be so familiar with that portion of her anatomy. She puts Sharon Stone to shame.

    Re the twins — They are scary, malnourished zombies. Time for an intervention.

    Re Grey’s — Not the same now that Addison’s on her own. Haven’t seen the takeoff. You?

    Comment by Arkie Mama on October 12, 2007
  19. Dang, I almost got some Friday Night Lights spoilage there, since we are still TiVo behind.

    Good timing for Britt, just before court

    Comment by Sparky Duck on October 12, 2007
  20. Mary Kate looks like she was just resurrected from the Dead. After dying in a swamp.

    dude- ANTM is on again and I’ve been missing it? CRAP.

    Comment by KC on October 13, 2007
  21. Here’s my take:

    Britney’s coochie is bringing her the best publicity out of anything she’s done…

    People keep telling me my girls look like a cuter version of MK and Ashley, and I say “I hope so – those girls scare the sh*t out of me!”…

    Solisa wears her special parts on the outside: I was on the phone with my sis when she said that and we simultaneously said “They’re called t*ts” and started cracking up! Thanks for the laugh on that one :)…

    Grey’s Anatomy – totally agree about Alex. WTH was that in the elevator?! And Bailey is awesome. I watched her on Letterman and she is so sweet IRL that it cracks me up to see her in such a foul mood all the time!

    Comment by loren on October 13, 2007
  22. My favorite little show is one on WGN (the Chicago superstation). It is an import from Canada called “Corner Gas”
    Check it out if you can

    Comment by gramps on October 13, 2007
  23. I can’t read the word verification crap either. I have to ask my son for help.

    Comment by Chris Travis on October 13, 2007
  24. Give the girl some underwear already!

    Also the stroller is really ugly. What happened to the cool black Bugaboo.

    Comment by Nadine on October 14, 2007
  25. I keep waiting for Survivor to get better. Why can’t we just have year round Big Brother???

    Comment by Kimberly on October 14, 2007
  26. Grey’s is the only one on your list I watch – I can’t believe what a jerk Alex was. Where did that come from? And does he not realize Lexi is an intern too? Love Bailey – she rocks. And Cristina continues to be one of the best characters. I miss Addison too. And Burke.

    Comment by Kie on October 14, 2007
  27. I totally suck at those word verification things. Totally suck! I find that if you mess it up a couple times they start to give you easier ones!

    Comment by FENICLE on October 14, 2007
  28. So- I pretty much hate the word verifications. I looked at that and I swear I just wanted to stab someone in the eyes. What kind of sadist inflicts that on people? Is there some gene I am missing that enables me to read those? Can I get a word verification for dummies? I swear- if you find one- I’ll split the cost with you.

    Comment by Andi on October 15, 2007
  29. I don’t get it. Didn’t Britney go through puberty? Heh. That’s gotta hurt.

    Comment by Required on October 16, 2007
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