February 18 05

Q1: Which is a bigger waste of time in your life… being stuck in traffic or being placed on hold during telephone calls? Which do you find more annoying?
this may be a toss-up. i really hate to sit in traffic, but as long as i’m not late to where i’m supposed to be, it’s not all that bad. after all, i have the radio. i guess it’s a different story if my kids are in the car.

Q2: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently rejected a petition from a consumer group asking that product placements on TV be clearly labeled as such. The FTC said that the use of products by characters in fictional television shows or contestants on reality TV shows like American Idol or The Apprentice does not constitute an objective claim to the quality of the product being shown on screen. What do you think… have the lines become blurred on this one? Should television shows be barred from using overt product placements, or should they at least be made to disclose these sorts of practices before, during, or after (in the credits) the shows in question?
product placements in movies and tv shows don’t really bother me. i always tend to point out when i see it, though.

Q3: With just about every business under the sun now accepting bank check cards and debit cards, do you find that you carry more, less, or the same amount of cash as you did 5 or 10 years ago?
i NEVER have any cash on me. and i tend to get really angry when i go somewhere that doesn’t take VISA or bank cards – or places that have a $10 minimum to use cards. i hate that!

Q4: What’s the last song you downloaded from the Internet? If you’ve never downloaded music, what’s the last CD you bought at a store or received as a gift?
the last song i downloaded was Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

  1. All lawyers will be contacting you early next week.
    – peace out, billy joe

    Comment by Anonymous on February 18, 2005
  2. Q1: Being put on hold. I can listen to the news or my “Learn Spanish In Your Car” cd’s when I’m in traffic.

    Q2: I think anyone not bright enough to know that product placement is a commercial rather than an endorsement wouldn’t be paying any attention to the “disclosures” anyway.

    Q3: 10 years ago I was a recent college grad, not making enough to cover my bills, 5 years ago I was in law school and had no money, so I would say I tend to carry more money now then at either of those times. And I still hardly ever carry any money!

    Q4: I’ve never downloaded music. I can’t remember the last CD I bought, I think it was Harry Connick Jr. or Ella Fitzgerald (I was looking for a wedding song my wife wanted). The last CD I actually bought for myself though, was the Corrs – I think.

    Comment by Sean on February 18, 2005

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