March 28 16

Today I visited the doctor and I got an unexpected breast exam (allgood!) and an unexpected tetanus shot (also allgood! shots and I are likethis) and Gardisil which I guess is not just for teens anymore. I got a mostly clean bill of health save for (dangerously) low B12 levels which most likely explains my tingly, purple extremities issue and some other fun body calamities.

And I got a fancy paper dress.


And what I think is a belt.


I’m neither super encouraged nor discouraged, so I guess that’s a good thing. I got some good advice, some new things to try in addition to not eating cinnamon buns and exercising a crapload, and re-assurance that my doctor will continue to find out why my body is being such a {insert mildly expletive expletive here}. And then we’ll just see. I guess it was nice not to hear what I was expecting (and what the internet told me) which was: Congratulations, you are just old.

But now I run.

And I find it relaxing for my usually-unable-to-relax brain. So that’s a weird thing.

I also do puzzles for this. That’s a random trivia fact about me (I really like trivia, too). I play logic puzzles online – I really love a game called Parks. I like to do jigsaw puzzles, too, I find them bizarrely therapeutic and if you know me in real life, you know that I like to do puzzles without the picture. Sometimes I even do them upside-down. I know this is not normal, but my brain is so weird, you guys, and besides, normal is super boring, right? I always have at least one puzzle on the go, and I mostly partake on Friday nights, after our family Shabbat dinner, and before we have Catan-a-scotch with friends. (This is a thing that happens almost every Friday night, Catan only mostly happens, but scotch always happens) This week I was working on a loaner puzzle from my in-laws, of an old general store. Oh, what a fun one — since I love old history things and it was a grocery store and general store and post office all in one — so it was cool to see old branding on Coca-Cola and Corn Flakes and Colgate toothpaste. BUT! Here’s a thing: Almost every piece was the same shape and size so they all fit into each other. WHAT?! Puzzles should not have this be the case. You guys, all therapy with this one was thrown out the window—I was so frustrated.

I was why-can’t-I-finish-this-one-level-of-Candy-Crush frustrated. 

Oh yes, I also went back to Candy Crush, breaking a three-years-ago New Year’s Resolution.

But I haven’t had Diet Coke in a very long time, so.

WHAT? It’s good for my brain. Even my doctor thinks so.



  1. i started back on Diet Coke and quit Candy Crush. So what you are saying is….. I need to reverse this.

    Comment by gorillabuns on March 28, 2016
  2. I hope you can get some answers! Or see some results.

    But it sucks to get old, Martell. 🙂

    Comment by Kristabella on March 30, 2016
  3. Congratulations on your article, liked it very much , I saved in my favorites!

    Comment by Erik Von Markovik on March 31, 2016

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