October 3 07

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

It’s no secret. I have a mad girl-crush on Miss Schmutzie….and i even weaseled my way on to her cockroll (dirty!) what she asks, i do, no questions asked. unless she’s asking me to go to work wearing nothing but my v-string, because then i’d be asking her if she’s out of her everloving mind.

but i’d probably still do it anyway.

so, she’s asked. she’s asked (and she’s provided a nifty little button in more colours than the new ipod nanos…damnit, i really want a new ipod nano…) and so i’m delivering.

she wants all you little mofos out there to step up and delurk, damnit!

i don’t usually like to talk about comments or commenting…but i blame this one on Schmutzie. i don’t get a lot of comments on my site. and i’m okay with that.

okay, that’s a total lie. i really wish i got more comments. on monday i wrote a post and got four comments. four! ouch. especially because, i thought, it was a pretty good post. i got all my friends annoyed with me! i supported the rabid! i went to see Mr. Woodcock for crying out loud! surely there was something to say. and then i look at some blogs where the writers – no, i’m not naming names, you sadists – post something like, “i farted” and BAM! 40 comments!

what do i have to do?

Schmutzie points out that she thinks there’s been a decline in comments lately. (on my site it’s not so much a decline…but just the same steady average of 14…pretty much for the past 2 years). do you think this is true? why do you think this is? why are less people commenting?  

for me, there are four reasons why i wouldn’t comment on a blog:

a) fuckin’ word verification. if i don’t get it right by the third try, i usually just click the “x” and move on. don’t laugh, this happens to me. a lot.

b) lack of time. sometimes i’m forced to read in my bloglines (yes, i still use bloglines. throw me a frickin’ bone here…) and don’t have time to click over and comment

c) the post is just too long. This may be just me. but i get really bogged down with long posts. especially ones without pictures or something to break up the length. kinda like this gratuitous shot of my baby and her whatchatalkin’aboutwillis-y face.

d) sometimes i just feel, well, like a number. many of the blogs i love to read….the ones that make me smile. and cry. and snerk. and basically just lose my shit….get lots of comments. of course, because they are good. and, understandably, if someone were to get, say, 127 comments on a given post, i wouldn’t expect her to give a personal response to the comment. but every once in a while would be nice. to know that the blogger actually cares about the comment. or if that blogger clicked over to my site once and said hi.

that’s another reason why i love me some Schmutz. i am bossy. Oh, the Joys. vodkarella. Mamatulip. Chicky. It’s nice to see these guys poking around here every once in a while.

so, come on out. come and say hi. weigh in on this great comment discussion. Are you a lurker? a commenter?

  1. Hiiiii!

    Comment by Nadine on October 3, 2007
  2. Bella looks adorable, man is she ever growing up!
    I’m here…I just don’t have the time to always comment, I’m sorry 🙁

    Comment by Multi-tasking Mommy on October 3, 2007
  3. All of the above. Usually lurk (4 kids = not much time to comment), sometimes comment, and sometimes, if the post bashes on someone, I pretend to be the offended party (okay, not often, just once or twice, but I think I may have posed as your mother for about 2 seconds once). 🙂

    Comment by JMC on October 3, 2007
  4. It is I of the long-winded photo-less posts. I am here, reading.

    (And for the record, I was one of the 4 from Monday.)

    Comment by SciFi Dad on October 3, 2007
  5. I agree, particularly with (d). Sometimes I just feel like my comment would be redundant. And also. Every effing time I sit down to post a comment my kids interrupt me. It’s kind of eerie. But here I am, letting you know that I’m reading and I think your fabutastic.

    Comment by Shannon on October 3, 2007
  6. There are the people who are the “superstar” bloggers and you just never see them around the blogosphere. Frankly, I don’t bother reading them – I’m just an audience there, know what I mean?
    14 comments is GOOD – something I read said that the average blog manages 2 or 3 comments a post. I didn’t comment on the Mr. Woodcock post because I was commenting on your Fabulous post and I’m a time-pressed woman. One comment per customer, baby.
    And for the record, I have never written a post about farting.

    Comment by Rebecca on October 3, 2007
  7. Hmm… I used to be a lurker, mainly because I was too shy to comment (scuffs toe in sand), but I’ve become a lot more mouthy these days 🙂

    I’ve been guilty of the “longer” posts things, mainly because I use my blog as a place to work out my thoughts. I do try to to break it up with photos though.

    And I’m happy to say I was one of the four! Whooee! Is there a prize? 🙂 Seriously though, your blog gives me a laugh nearly every day (or makes me jealous for the great clothes you’ve been posting lately!)

    Comment by b*babbler on October 3, 2007
  8. It depends on how long I’ve been reading the particular blog. If it’s only been a short time, I tend to be a little “shy” about commenting (which is funny, since I am not at all shit in real life). Also – as much as I love for the writer to drop on by, I feel a little intimidated sometimes by all the great writers possibly checking out my aimless ramblings. But you asked, so I’m delurking.

    Comment by biodtl on October 3, 2007
  9. I am a lurker, but I have to tell you of the 15 or so blogs I read, yours is the only one I comment on. Mostly due to d, but you did reply to one of my comments once, so it makes me want to comment more.

    Comment by Sarah on October 3, 2007
  10. Okay now I feel bad. I read your blog practically everyday and this is only the second time I have commented.
    I promise to be less of a mofo lurker in the future 🙂

    Comment by Josie on October 3, 2007
  11. Sometimes lurker, sometimes commenter here. But you already know that, I’m sure.

    Hi. 🙂

    Comment by Nancy on October 3, 2007
  12. Hey I am a faithfull commenter. I gots that button too. Lurkers bug me. Not people who only comment sometimes but those who never let you know they are out there. It is like eavesdropping – I know we are having a ‘conversation’ in a public place so I don’t mind if people are listening but they should let you know they are there.
    I think so anyway.

    Also I think there is something about September and back to school. Everyone is busy. I could never figure this out because I am a teacher so obviously I am busier and people with kids in school are busier, but why is everyone else busier? I have no idea. Maybe because they’ve been slacking all summer?

    Comment by lisa b on October 3, 2007
  13. I always read when you’re bolded in my bloglines. I don’t always comment, but I’m always here. 🙂

    Comment by RLGelber on October 3, 2007
  14. I comment whenever I can. I’m with you, if a post had 100 comments I don’t bother, I also don’t have the patience for long posts. That’s just me though, I know there are some great writers being very clever…I try, I try!

    Comment by Nap Warden on October 3, 2007
  15. I’m pretty much a regular here. If I don’t comment, it’s because I don’t have time or I don’t have anything to say on the topic. I have maybe 10 blogs that I read faithfully and I tend to consistently leave a comment on those that don’t get many comments, just to let them know someone is reading. I also always read (and often comment on) the blogs of those who leave me comments.

    Comment by LoriD on October 3, 2007
  16. Oh, and I’m also going to take the word verification of my blog. It annoys the hell out of me too!

    Comment by LoriD on October 3, 2007
  17. I’ve been reading along faithfully for a few months now. Love it! Hello!

    Comment by emery jo on October 3, 2007
  18. I’m totally guilty of lurking! I have been a faithful reader ever since I knew your first blog existed, and I think I’ve commented maybe 3 times total…sooo sorry! 🙂 I don’t comment anywhere because I always manage to make myself sound like a complete idiot! I vow to do better!

    Comment by AJ on October 3, 2007
  19. I will give you love today…you responded to the first comment I ever left on a blog!!
    Love your blog.

    Comment by jodi on October 3, 2007
  20. OK, guilty lurker here. *sheepishly raising hand* Essentially, I don’t comment cause I can never think of anything witty enough to compete with your posts. You da bomb, girlfriend and your kids are like the most adorable things evah!

    *back to lurking*

    Comment by Phyllis on October 3, 2007
  21. I’ve been reading you for quite awhile, I just started this blo

    Comment by mamma knows on October 3, 2007
  22. OH geeze, my 2 yr old just hit enter, LOL, anyways I just started this and wanted to say “hi” and you kids are adorable!!!

    Comment by mamma knows on October 3, 2007
  23. you know, it’s not even like i have an excuse for not commenting. i don’t have any kids interrupting me which seems to be the popular response. and i do have a lot of time. i visit your site (week)daily, and i do enjoy your posts, i will start to comment more. there. that requires no searching for an excuse. i will just start. (:

    [also. im glad you don’t have massive amounts of comments because i totally agree with D and that’s part of the reason why i don’t really comment on one of my other dailies unless she asks questions. (which actually makes more people respond.. so that doesn’t really make sense either..) sigh.]

    Comment by Shannon on October 3, 2007
  24. well, you know I comment when I can. Keep up your great blogging skills, and maybe one day you will be like Heather and have to close comments cause you have 400 plus … hey, ya never know 🙂
    First thing I do when I get to work is see if you have posted, which you never have since it is 7am .. but I do always check back later.

    Comment by Sarah on October 3, 2007
  25. hey Ali,sometimes i lurk sometimes i comment sometimes i TRY to comment and it won’t let me which annoys the crap out of me.and as for numbers of commenters you have some people who always comment which means they always read you.so don’t feel bad about the numbers.

    Comment by LAVENDULA on October 3, 2007
  26. Waving over here! I comment once in a while, but read much, much more often!

    Comment by alison on October 3, 2007
  27. I lurk! I don’t comment because I don’t feel like I have anything great to add.

    I love your blog, it is the first thing I read in the mornings, before facebook or my email.

    I also don’t comment because my grammer and spelling are horrible.

    Comment by Dawn on October 3, 2007
  28. I read everyday. I comment….well, rarely but I do sometimes…and that is because I read at work and usually can’t steal away enough seconds to comment. Sorry.

    Comment by katt on October 3, 2007
  29. I am a lurker, I read every day, here and at Fabulous. I read at work, usually when I should be working (head hung in shame). I promise to de-lurk more often. Also, I thank you for turning me on to Haley-O and Kids Deserve Art! Muchos Gracias!

    Comment by Chantal on October 3, 2007
  30. Once in a while? I read every entry….in Bloglines….hahahaha!

    I’m too lazy to comment tho. But please know I’m reading, enjoying, loving you. xo

    Comment by Karen Rani on October 3, 2007
  31. I do not comment because I am lazy and would rather read more blogs than comment. I am sorry. But I am open about how much I suck – does that make it better?

    Comment by Zoot on October 3, 2007
  32. I’m here, have been for awhile now. I don’t comment because I always feel like I’m peaking in on someone’s private life. Like you know everyone that reads your blog and who am I just some radom person that happen to find your blog and read it religiously. Silly since you obviously don’t know everyone that reads. Perhaps I’ll start commenting now that I’ve been outted! hehe

    Comment by Cleo on October 3, 2007
  33. I’m always here!

    Comment by JuJuBee on October 3, 2007
  34. Hey, look at you go with 32 comments now!
    I’ve been reading for a while, but have only commented a couple of times now. Guess it’s time for me to step up my game, huh?

    Comment by Jen on October 3, 2007
  35. I am delurking. Only because you called me out. But by now, I am just a number. With all the other comments. I read all the time. In Bloglines. I’m lazy. I’ll admit it. But I do post on occassion. Because you make me laugh! Keep it going!

    Comment by Jay on October 3, 2007
  36. I don’t comment because I’m lazy, but I read every day. Well ok, I don’t read on Thursday cause memes just aren’t my bag, but every other day I qualify as a stalker.

    Comment by Beth on October 3, 2007
  37. Commenting for me is a matter of having the extra time in the day. I read faithfully though. I’m trying to be better at commenting cause along with everyone else I love to get them!
    Enjoy your blog! 🙂

    Comment by Kerry on October 3, 2007
  38. I’ve been trying to comment more. So here I am again.

    Comment by M&Co. on October 3, 2007
  39. Lurking in Atlanta!

    Comment by Cristan on October 3, 2007
  40. Duh…you know I’m a commenter…not a lurker. I just sometimes get REALLY behind, so you are getting comments from posts you wrote three weeks ago.

    I have actually posted on someone’s site and had it not come up because after my post, I moved on and didn’t see the screen that was now asking me to type that weird letter-number combo thing.

    Also, it has to be really easy for me to see how to comment…like the “Comment Here” located immediately after the post or something. The cutesy things like, “blow me some smoke” or “verbalize” or whatever leave me still looking for the word “comment”…there are exceptions that I’ve accepted because I really like the blog…but I don’t want to have to work too hard to leave a comment.

    Comment by Di on October 3, 2007
  41. comments are always fun – it’s nice to know who’s out there and reading.

    I’m here. I really have nothing to contribute today, but I’m here.

    Comment by jennie on October 3, 2007
  42. I tend to only comment if I feel like i have something valuable to add. A lot of times I don’t have time to click out of my feed reader and leave a comment. But I do try really hard to leave comments when I have something to say.

    Your kids are so damn cute. There. I said it.

    Comment by Audrey on October 3, 2007
  43. Hi. I agree with everything you’ve said. I also read all my favorites in Bloglines. You’re not alone. Heh. Happy Wednesday!

    Comment by Karen on October 3, 2007
  44. I comment when I have something to say. =) Which, just like “in real life,” isn’t all that often. =P I can usually be found on your posts that include Grey’s. 😉

    Comment by Dawn on October 3, 2007
  45. yeah, i’m with you – don’t like to comment – hate word verification, hate clicking through from bloglines, hate being the 50th comment, etc.

    Comment by Jodi on October 3, 2007
  46. I’m a total lurker. Mostly because I am juggling a toddler and a laptop at the same time – much harder than those fools and their 3 balls. I am pretty good about hitting “Share” in Google Reader so it pops up on my sidebar when I see a post that I love, though. It’s not the same as a comment though, and I really need to work on commenting more and lurking less. Hopefully if I do that people will start doing the same on my blog?

    Even though you don’t know me from Jack (and his big music show) I think you’re hilarious and it was great “watching” BB with you this summer.

    Comment by Michele on October 3, 2007
  47. Hiiiiii!
    I always read you when Google Reader tells me you have a new entry. I think I’ve never commented here before bcus I didn’t have anything to say that hadn’t already been said. *sheepish*
    I promise to pipe up more often. *beams*

    Comment by Dory on October 3, 2007
  48. I’m a lurker!

    I still use Bloglines. I tried Google reader and it was just too slow for me for some reason.

    Comment by Julie on October 3, 2007
  49. a) I was thinking about lurkers and wondering if I’m a lurker and then I clicked on your blog and ohmygod if you did not have a graphic that said delurk right at the top, and a blog about lurking. True story.

    b) Oddly enough, yours is the only blog I have commented on more than once. Otherwise, I am a lurker.

    c) I appreciate the way you’ve personally responded back to my comments.

    d) Don’t go read my blog (not that you were going to anyway) because the last post is big and long and does not contain pictures. Nor is it interesting.

    e) I love it when you put up pictures of your kids because they are so friggin’ adorable!

    That is all.

    Comment by epic on October 3, 2007
  50. Why hello! What a nice hoodie you’ve got there. And daughter. Hurrah!

    Comment by Maliavale on October 3, 2007
  51. I’ve commented before, but…HEY! Also, I totally adore your daughter, and the hoodie from the last post. 🙂

    Comment by metalia on October 3, 2007
  52. Hi! I’m reading 🙂 But you already know that!
    I had no idea it was delurking day. Who knew …
    I must steal the button.

    Comment by Laural on October 3, 2007
  53. Definitely a lurker. I do read just about everyday, but I’ve never commented- until today.

    Comment by Sydney on October 3, 2007
  54. Hi, clicked over from Sangria Lover and ever though I’m a first time reader, I figured in honor of the DeLurk I should probably come out and say hello. …Hello… Ok, it may be a bit anti-climactic. At any rate, I’m off to read more!


    Comment by heidikins on October 3, 2007
  55. Holy crap! I’m number 55! Well, if I get into the double digits in comments, I am thrilled… but I know what you mean. Your reasons are the same as mine; I HATE word verification, long posts and no photos… But I have commented here before.

    Today I’m treating myself to blog surfing cause it’s my Bday; how better to spend it than blogging and sipping Starbucks?

    Comment by Maureen on October 3, 2007
  56. I read almost daily…but I don’t always comment.

    I understand your frustration. I usually get about the same avg # of comments per post as well. But I try not to care.


    Comment by FENICLE on October 3, 2007
  57. Not that I’m a lurker, but I didn’t want to feel left out.

    Comment by Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah on October 3, 2007
  58. I’m a lurker usually. It takes something like NaBloPoMo or The Great MoFo Delurk to get me to come out of my little hole.

    Comment by Jhianna on October 3, 2007
  59. Hi! I lurk. Is there something better than bloglines? What? I wanna be where the cool kids are!

    Comment by anne nahm on October 3, 2007
  60. Hey, I’ve been lurking for almost a year or so now. I feel so weird commenting since i don’t have a blog and I feel like it’s not fair that I can know so much about you, but you don’t get all that info about me…Ya know what I mean? Anyhow, love your blog(s). Your kids are adorable too!

    Comment by Heather on October 3, 2007
  61. Total lurker! Sorry. I love both your blogs and read faithfully but have never commented. You make me laugh and I think your kids are SOOOO cute! I will make a point to comment from now on. I found you through Haley-O and have been reading for well over a year.
    Thanks for all the great posts!

    Comment by Dina on October 3, 2007
  62. Life’s simplest pleasure: Standing in the shower and having hot water run down your butt crack

    Comment by anonymous on October 3, 2007
  63. Hey Ali,
    I just discovered you. My track record is 100% lurk-free!
    Funny, I just had a blogging temper tantrum and threatened to quit to get some love.
    Next I’ll have to fake my own death!

    Comment by Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants on October 3, 2007
  64. I read every day, comment sometimes, but read everyday.


    Comment by Jenn on October 3, 2007
  65. I have a hard time commenting because I try to read the blogs I love while my son is around, which is all the time. 🙂 He has a tendency to jump on mommy and pull her around while she is trying to type. (yes I sometimes talk about myself in the third person.)

    Comment by Gwen on October 3, 2007
  66. Oooh, I HATE word verification! I don’t get around enough to drum up blog business – what with all of these damned kids running around! Where did they come from anyway?

    Happy mofo delurk day!

    Comment by loren on October 3, 2007
  67. hey, a mutual delurk. how freaking fantastic is that.

    Comment by jen on October 3, 2007
  68. 1, I hate word verification too. I don’t have any one mine and I have YET to be slammed with any uglies. Which means by virtue of posting this, I will be slammed with uglies this very evening, but there you have it.

    2. I do think there has been a decline in comments over the past few months. Same as you, not on my blog, which also has an average of 12 comments… but I have noticed elsewhere on the famous blogs too. I have just chalked it up to summer business. But, whoops. It’s October 3rd.

    3. I hate long posts too, unless of course there really something important to say. But that is one of my MAJOR MJAOR goals… To say what I want with as little words as possible. Doesn’t always happen, which brings me to another goals of my blog – to do whatever the frack I want… 😉

    OK, off the soapbox.

    And um, hi!

    Comment by aimee/greeblemonkey on October 3, 2007
  69. I read all of your posts, and I try to comment as much as I can.
    I love your blog. I only wish that I had as many comments on mine as you do yours. I really enjoy reading.


    Comment by Keri on October 3, 2007
  70. Oh, vey! I’m like 10023 here! JEEZE, woman! But I love your ass anyway. Even if I’m lost in the shuffle. MUWHA.

    Comment by Mrs. Flinger on October 3, 2007
  71. Umm, ali? I don’t think you need to worry about not having enough readers.

    Just saying.

    Thanks for delurking over my way.

    That is a priceless photo, BTW!

    Comment by slouching mom on October 3, 2007
  72. Delurking but not in a creepy way. 🙂

    Comment by JoeG on October 3, 2007
  73. I’ve become a lurker, because I rarely feel like I have anything witty or important to add.

    I feel like an A-hole about it, but I feel silly leaving a comment when I really don’t have anything valuable to add.

    That and I’m lazy. 😉

    Comment by Y on October 4, 2007
  74. Wow, you sure got the comments now {{{{{waves}}}}

    Comment by Junebugg on October 4, 2007
  75. Wowsers! You definitely got some lurkers out of the world of anonymity today :o)…anonymity? is that even a word?
    I comment when I can, over the summer I totally slacked off in writing my blog, reading blogs and commenting but I’m getting back into it again.
    Love your writing!

    Comment by Lesley on October 4, 2007
  76. I’ve never commented before because I’ve never stumbled on you before.

    Thank Fenicle for the link…I think.

    Comment by Leanne on October 4, 2007
  77. WOW! Look at YOU, Supastah!!!! Obviously, I haven’t had any time to do anything but my own writing lately (and I DON’T have time for that but feel compelled…). But, as AWNOLD says, “I’LL BE BAAAHCK”!

    Comment by haley-o on October 4, 2007
  78. That “whatchatalkin’aboutwillis” pic is priceless. (And yes I did copy and paste that word because it is too long for me to spell.)

    Comment by bubandpie on October 4, 2007
  79. I’m a day late, but wow, you got a lot of comments! Oh, and I still use bloglines, too. I can’t figure out Google reader.

    Comment by Major Bedhead on October 4, 2007
  80. Dude! 79 comments!!! Woo hoo!

    I read you nearly everyday, I’m a terrible commenter. I really should do better.

    Comment by Jennifer on October 4, 2007
  81. Both, this is an interesting blog..glad Fenicle recommended I pop on over..

    Dorothy from grammology
    call your grandmother….

    Comment by Dorothy Stahlnecker on October 4, 2007
  82. Motheroffuckinghell! I had to scroll through ALL THESE comments. 😉

    I wonder if the novelty of blogging is (gasp!) wearing off? I’ve been at it over 3 years now and wonder if I can start recycling old posts yet. LOL

    My reasons for not commenting are all of the above. I go through starts and stops and periods where I think “enh”. I know. I’m crabby.

    I have to say, my favourite thing about you and Cecily (Wasted Birth Control) are that you both reply to comments. I like that!

    Comment by chantal on October 4, 2007
  83. Wow! That worked;)

    Comment by Kristen on October 4, 2007
  84. I think it’s a time thing. I have about 6 blogs I read regularly (yours being one of them) and only comment when I feel I have something to say.

    It sure feels great when you get comments though – good to know someone is listening! Keep up the great writing, Ali.

    Comment by Kie on October 4, 2007
  85. I’m here, I’m here!

    Comment by Chris on October 5, 2007
  86. Perfect list- totally the reason why I don’t comment more. Hit the nail right on the head.

    Comment by jackie on October 5, 2007
  87. This is my first time here and I love it. (and I’m totally the bloglines ho)

    Comment by KC on October 5, 2007
  88. Holy crap, Ali! You got over 80 comments! I hate you! 🙂

    How long is this mo fo thing going on, or am I too late already? If not, dare I try it and risk the humiliation of getting maybe 30?

    Comment by BlondeBlogger on October 7, 2007
  89. Oh, duh…says October 3 right on the stupid button. *smacking forhead*

    Comment by BlondeBlogger on October 7, 2007
  90. I generally don’t comment unless the post really speaks to me, as yes, I’m one of those people that still uses Bloglines to read my HUGE list of blogs.

    What’s another good reader? I just checked out Google Reader this morning but I’m already lost on it!

    Comment by Wendy on October 26, 2007
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