January 27 06

~~”I got three honks.” by god i love JCN

~~I’m glad they haven’t turned this Seth smoking pot thing into a super lame after-school special. Encyclopedia Brown. loved it!

~~Marissa sucks. period. and she needs to work on her jealous face. it needs to be a little more anger, a little less constipation. but, honestly, she doesn’t like johnny. she’s just doesn’t want anyone else to like him. she wants to help him and save him. i’m almost feeling bad for Kaitlin…i wouldn’t want to have needy needy Marissa for a sister.

~~loved the Summer prada speech. and when she said “wanna see my angry face?” while talking about her boot camp instructor.

~~Ha! China has alopecia.

~~No Cooper family Sound of Music Singalong? boo!

~~BRing Taylor back next week please!


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