August 25 05

so, i decided to walk to the mall today. it’s only about a 10 minute walk. i had some stuff to return that my mom bought that’s just way too big and i need some t-shirts to cover my porn star boobs.

i fed Isabella and off we went. she slept in the stroller on the way but the second we walked through the doors of the mall, she started to kvetch. i noticed that the straps of her stroller were making red marks on the side of her face, so i undid them. still, she continued to complain. and complain. and complain.

so, i decided that even though i accomplished nothing, it was time to go home.
and wouldn’t you know it. the second we stepped outside….quiet. she slept the whole way home.

tune in tomorrow when i attempt to hit the mall once again. wish us luck!

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