May 2 06

i haven’t yet posted about the sopranos this week.
mostly because i’m having lots of trouble erasing the memory of Vito getting his gay on with johnny cake dude. ew. ew. ew. holy hell…is johnny cakes Morgan Spurlock? because he looks freakishly like him!!!

also, that scene on the boat? when AJ was talking about doing something about junior? was anyone else bothered by the fact that his hair was about 4 inches longer than it was in the scene right before that and the one right afterwards?

i love AJ having panic attacks just like his daddy. he’s such a little screw-up…..wanting to be Michael Corleone…and i’d like to thank the sopranos for sparing us the actual puke and only giving us the dry heaves.

best line? “Whaddya want me to do — put out an APB ’cause he takes it up the ass?”


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