December 10 04

yay or nay?
what do ya’ll think??

  1. have to follow the crowd on this one…preggers. or else, in bad need of some sit ups.

    Comment by obabe on December 10, 2004
  2. Judging from the last time I saw her in a video, I say she’s just getting fat. It seems like she’s always struggling with her weight. And unless she got pregnant several months ago, she wouldn’t be showing so soon. She’s just too big a girl to be showing in the first tri-mester.

    My wife is tiny – with a ripped six pack (looks down at own “keg abs” and sighs) and she didn’t start showing until the fourth or fifth month.

    So, I think she’s just getting fat. Who am I kidding? She’s been chunky for a while, she was just dumb enough to choose a dress that doesn’t hide it.

    Comment by Sean on December 10, 2004
  3. Not.
    Funny dress. Funny angle.

    Comment by Giblet on December 13, 2004
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