October 19 04

Well, my stepdad is in for the week. He came in for some conference downtown, and is staying with us until Sunday. The kids are absolutely overjoyed. Emily even let him put her to bed last night – – – and it was successful. I’m still in shock over that one.

I enjoy my stepdad very much. He’s a bit of an old man, though, so he likes to spend most of his time eating and relaxing on the couch. and talking about my mom. He loves to talk about her (it’s actually really sweet, now that i think about it. I wonder if Gav talks that much about me when he’s not with me??!!) He did read stories to the kids last night, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Because Gav had squash last night, Jerry and I had an evening to do some father-daughter bonding. So, what did we do?the ony thing the two of us do together – watch sports. And it was really good last night – Boston/ New York baseball – it couldn’t make me any happier that New York lost. I can’t stand when New York teams win anything. And we watched Monday night football – which is always good in my books.


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