October 18 04

Well, we are going to go through insurance instead of paying for it. Financially, this is obviously the best situation for us.

And i’m currently driving a Mitsubishi Outlander, not a KIA, and I’m really enjoying it. it’s a cute little car. I mean, obviously it makes no sense for us to get one, since i can only fit three carseats in it, but i’m loving it right now. it’s one of those car/SUV hybrid type thingys.

We’ve decided not to fix the jeep until we hear back from the Dodge guy. I guess if he’s willing to give my husband the price he wants, we are going to be getting a dodge grand caravan sxt. in midnight blue. i guess i’ll finally get my midnight blue car. my jeep was supposed to be that color, but they discontinued it the year that i got my car.

I’m still accepting the fact that i’m getting a minivan…hoping my hubby will surprise me with a Honday Pilot…


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