May 31 06

this week has been such a blur and it’s only wednesday.

it could be from the fact that it’s an uncharacteristically warm week – between 95-100 degrees out. i love the heat, don’t get me wrong. i LOVE the heat. i just don’t like it when i’m inside.
when the sun in shining and i’m outside – i love it. when your a/c is on the fritz and it’s BOILING hot in your bedroom, for some odd reason, it’s less enjoyable for me.

it could be because i haven’t seen my husband all week. husband? wait…am i even married??? between baseball, meetings, subway strikes and more meetings, i really have not seen him at all. he comes home after i’m already in bed. it’s a vicious circle. he’s not home to help me at dinner and bedtime, so i’m wiped by 9 pm. when he gets home at 10 and wants me to be awake, i don’t have the energy. i.don’t.have.the.power.

it could be because my son was left at school. it could be because my daughter had a presentation that i missed. or because i had to do the frustrating ballet pickup/commute/screeching kids/hilaryduffmovie drive TWICE this week instead of once. or because my friends are fighting and don’t like it. not one bit. it could be because i keep hearing about people who don’t like me (which is NEVER, EVER a nice thing to hear, regardless of the reason).

i can’t believe it’s only wednesday.


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