February 21 05

i heard a rumor of a Hilary Swank SNL mini nipple-gate, but nothing has yet to be confirmed. as of now, it’s only rumor. did anyone catch this???

but, no, folks, the real news is that Paris Hilton’s beloved T-mobile Sidekick was hacked, which means that this morning, all of her celebrity phone numbers (including the likes of Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Andy Roddick, Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Gotti, Vin Diesel, Anna Kournikova and many others) and some of her cam-pics are floating around the internet.

and here, for your viewing pleasure, a sampling from the notebook part of her Sidekick:

· tell ken about jess trying to bone JT
· Do you wanna leave soon, ill pretend I hsve 2 go pee and u wait 3 mins than come by yourself to the back entrance
· Victor magic tan representative.
· that’s hot tank tops like chrome hearts iold english writinh that’s hot
· call maroon 5 get birth control kill pill
· And what conversation might that be bitch?
What do you think kristen
Did she learn her lesson?
Welsome back to gamma?
I think gamsy wants a little kiss
Its a gamma tradition
Gamsy is waiting

  1. hmmm need more info

    Comment by Master Foley on February 21, 2005
  2. what kind of info are you looking for – i stumbled upon the rest of those photos – most are nudes and she’s kissing some other chick…

    i’ve also come across what’s supposedly the entire list of phone numbers…

    Comment by Ali on February 21, 2005
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