October 23 06

it’s only 8:15, and i can already tell what kind of day it’s going to be…

i got on the scale, excited to weigh myself after an amazing week. good eating. good exercising (3 times this week…would have been 4, except i got invited out on saturday night where i had sushi….and cheated…i enjoyed my very first turtle.) and i got on the scale…and…drumroll please…i’m one pound UP from where i started from. so, now i have 9 pounds to lose. seriously, i haven’t weighed this much since i was about 5 months pregnant with Isabella. terrific. i’m glad i’m working so hard to GAIN weight. if this was my goal, i’d so much rather be drowning myself in doughnuts and cookies. mmmm…cookies.

also, i was running late this morning, and i didn’t have time to blow dry my hair. so, i threw in a little mousse, and did a little scrunching. usually, this creates a very nice, very pretty curly-ish look. this morning, however, it didn’t.

me: it’s not curly, it’s

husband: frizzy

me: thanks. that helps.

husband: well, it might calm down when it dries.

so…here i am at work, looking bloated and rather jersey-ish. great.

anyone still watching TAR? this may have been the best.leg.ever.

~anyone else laugh out loud when Kimberly said, “grand mask?” followed by “mosque? i’m supposed to know what that is?”

~i’m so happy that Sarah made the decision to dump Peter’s ass after he made the decision to make her climb the ladder. what an asshole. AND she added salt to the wounds…”i want someone nurturing and caring…and he’s just not!”

~yes, yes, the Cho’s are super nice and saved Dave and Mary’s asses…but, dudes, it’s a RACE!

~ah, my David waxing nostalgic about being a fireman. i SO heart him. and Mary? “maybe Steven Segal will see me and want me to be in one of his movies!” i SO heart her too.

wanna take a stab at who’s got his hand touching his unmentionables?

what say you – – – digging for gold, or just a tuck-in?

keep reading to find out…

it’s the lovely Jude Law.

  1. Just wanted to say that I, too, am thrilled that Sarah dumped that LAZY ASS Peter. Hope your day gets better.

    Comment by Jay on October 23, 2006
  2. Ali, I had that sort of day today too :(((( The HAIR just was NOT cooperating (see my blog, yuck). And The Princess’ hair? A totally OTHER STORY….

    Hope your day improves…I so hear you on the weight thing. I have BAD this week.

    Comment by Heidi on October 23, 2006
  3. Don’t get discouraged — the body can do weird things when starting to lose weight. I bet when you weigh yourself next week you’ll be far happier with the results!

    I said something very similar about Peter and Sarah on my blog last night. And I am so happy for David and Mary. I was sure they’d be eliminated this week, but thank goodness for that conveniently-placed fast forward and the maybe-so-nice-it’s-bordering-on-stupid Cho’s!

    Comment by Audrey on October 23, 2006
  4. So sad to see Jude grabbing his ass when I would be so very happy to do it for him.

    Comment by Beth on October 23, 2006
  5. Still watching TAR, and probably loving it a lot more now that Sarah and Peter are gone.

    Oh, and am I the only one who’s seeing parallels between Kim and Kendra (TAR6)? Last week it was she wanted to be in Europe where there weren’t poor people; now the mask/mosque thing? While I find these sorts of Americans funny, they’re also sort of sad.

    Comment by Jeff on October 23, 2006
  6. For some reason, I can’t get into TAR! I always watch it, but I get so distracted doing other things. I can get into your commentary, though! VERY entertaining, as always.
    Don’t fret about the weight thing. 1 lb doesn’t count. It’s probably just water.
    Re. Jude Law? Not his smartest, classiest move….But, I still think he’s purty….

    Comment by Haley-O on October 23, 2006
  7. I love turtles. They are wonderful. Also I’ll give Jude Law the benefit of the doubt and say a tuck in. Why would you pick your butt in front of someone…

    Comment by Mandi on October 23, 2006
  8. Turtle sushi? How cruel. They really can’t run very fast. Seems like a pretty easy target. 🙂

    Comment by Jenny on October 23, 2006
  9. Chalk it all up to bloat, no matter what time of the month it is, and use it as an excuse to eat cookies. I LOVE when I can tell myself it doesn’t matter what I eat, so I might as well give it all up.

    And my hair? Is always like that. I’m enamored of anyone who can manage to blow-dry more than once a week. So there’s always someone looking worse…

    Comment by Margo on October 24, 2006
  10. I’m not even sure what show is “TAR”. Is that an abbreviation for something? I thought I knew all the shows on tv.

    As for that yummy Jude Law, even famous people get wedgies. I’d have loved to help though.

    Comment by Waya on October 24, 2006
  11. I sat next to him at brunch a few months ago but I’m such a loser I didn’t even notice. I’m even more of a loser however, for going back IN the restaurant after leaving, just to check him out.

    Let me just say…I would gladly help him with those unmentionables should he need it.

    Comment by Mom101 on October 24, 2006
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