November 28 05

the sweet taste of victory.
isabella slept last night.
from 7pm until 6 am, ate and then went back to sleep until 8:30.

here’s the thing. she slept in her carseat…now i know it’s not the best thing for her back and what have you…but it worked…and it was totally…at least i think because she was so congested.

she’s like a different person today. smiley and playing in her bouncy chair.
i’ve got my baby bella back.
and now that i’ve had some sleep, i’m in a much, much better mood!

last night i spoke to my sister, and i swear, 5 minutes talking to her and it made the whole trip worthwhile. she said, “do you have any idea how happy this made dad? that he could come in and “save” you after mom didn’t invite you? he knew you were feeling badly, and he liked to be the knight in shining armor. he’s so happy that you came.”

my dad has never called me. never once. not even on my birthdays. okay, maybe a few times to tell me that i’d spent too much on the visa. but that’s about it. so, when he called and asked if i wanted to come for thanksgiving…how could i say no? if he gives me an inch, if he gives me a centimeter, i have to take it…but it comes so seldom.

so, my sister’s right. it was 100% worth all the tiredness and frustration.
plus i got some really awesome stuff, which, really is just icing on the cake.


did i mention that i’ve eaten like an absolute COW this week? no joke. i think i must have eaten an entire pumpkin pie myself. yum.


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