June 19 08

yesterday morning i came in to work, threw all my stuff down, and sat down at my desk. i noticed this.

interesting, i thought. someone left three quarters on my desk. SWEET!

but then, at around 12, i went downstairs to get another coffee, and when i came back up. sitting next to the three quarters was this

another quarter AND a penny.

grand total of $1.01

someone is leaving money at my desk. this morning i was actually disappointed when i came in and there was no more money. i was hoping to score me a free coffee today. i even wore my skinny jeans and my new shoes.

hrm..a mystery, indeed!

in other news, can we talk about those people who pick their noses at stop lights?? just this morning, i saw THREE. all men, just by the by. do they think people don’t see? they are in a vehicle, surrounded by WINDOWS.

now, i don’t know if you read ChildsPlayx2, but you should, and i am not ashamed to admit that it was his banner full of rhinos that lured me in originally (i heart rhinos, have i ever told you that? like, seriously, they could be my favorite animal. um, Gloria, from Madagascar? LOVE  – -ahahahaha. omg. she’s a RHINO!!! i’m a dumbass…who’s actually only heard the movie from the front seat of her van. DUMB ASS. ahahaha!)

anyway, a while ago he asked if you could compare yourself to one TV parent, who would it be? (and you can’t saw Cliff or Clare Huxtable…because they are the perfect parents and NO ONE is that good!!)

my answer?

Maggie Seaver, baby. hands down. she juggles a career and a gaggle of kiddies and a husband. and she is hot. (well, she was. in her day) and she shows us that smile again. and she doesn’t waste another minute on her crying. she’s no where near the end. and she shares the laughter and love. bwah. (you’re singing it now, aren’t you?)

now i want to hear from you!!

what TV parent are you most like??!?!?!

(and which one do you wish you were the most like?)

  1. It’s early in the West. That pic looks so familiar. My childhood. But what show is that ?

    Heathers last blog post..Superficial

    Comment by Heather on June 19, 2008
  2. you do know that Alan thicke (aka jason seaver) wrote that theme song- along with many others including different strokes. Thuoght I would share.

    Mayas last blog post..My Trip in Pictures: Part 1

    Comment by Maya on June 19, 2008
  3. seriously???
    it’s GROWING PAINS!!!

    Comment by ali on June 19, 2008
  4. I’m probably a cross between Jim (According to Jim) and Uncle Phil (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), although I don’t think either is really close.

    As for who I wish I was like? Mr. Bennett (Heroes).

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Really Bad Teenage Poetry Vol. 1

    Comment by SciFi Dad on June 19, 2008
  5. This had me thinking.. and ya know what’s weird? I think there were more shows that featured working moms 20 years ago than there are now. I can’t think of one show on TV now that has a working mother with small children who balances it all (ya know, without having an affair or hating her spouse).

    Kind of sad.

    Comment by AndreAnna on June 19, 2008
  6. Going with Jill Taylor (Home Improvement).

    Thanks for getting that song in my head!!

    And I always wanted to be Claire Huxtable. ALWAYS.

    pgoodnesss last blog post..13 years

    Comment by pgoodness on June 19, 2008
  7. I don’t think Maggie Seaver was ever hot. Ever.

    Me? Hmm.. Fred Flinstone?

    Comment by Giblet on June 19, 2008
  8. Am I the only one who thinks the quarter thing is creepy? I wonder if the janitor has a crush on you???

    Christines last blog post..Tuesday Adventures

    Comment by Christine on June 19, 2008
  9. Probably a mixture of Estelle Costanza from Seinfeld, Kitty Foreman, and Judy Miller from Still Standing. And a little bit of the wine-drinking Bree from Desperate Housewives.

    Comment by Janet on June 19, 2008
  10. Peg Bundy

    gorillabunss last blog post..do you know what I would like to read?

    Comment by gorillabuns on June 19, 2008
  11. Okay weird question.

    And now I know where those Canadian quarters end up.

    Gloria? A Hippo. I could be wrong though. But now I’m singing this.

    good&crazys last blog post..Boredom Buster List

    Comment by good&crazy on June 19, 2008
  12. I’m gonna have to go with Debra Barone. I’m just that frazzled these days, ready to beat on the DH from time to time, and in constant fear of a visit from my mother-in-law. (Which is happening in 2 weeks…dear God save me.)

    *whew* I’m glad I’m not the one who had to break the Hippo news about Gloria to you. lol

    Comment by AJ on June 19, 2008
  13. I’m not singing because I’ve never seen the show – I think my dad forbade it, for some reason.
    I would say I’m Carol Brady. Or June Cleaver. I’m pretty traditional.

    Rebeccas last blog post..Me Writing A Bunch of Stuff

    Comment by Rebecca on June 19, 2008
  14. I’m Carol Brady, without the maid. Useless, and often doing needlepoint.

    I’m a little concerned about the quarters. Maybe you dropped them on the floor and the janitor is returning them to you?

    threeundertwos last blog post..Wasabi Girl Throws A Tea Party

    Comment by threeundertwo on June 19, 2008
  15. hmmm good question…

    Comment by LAVENDULA on June 19, 2008
  16. I leave change on my desk for those emergency soda times and when I come into work it is gone. I think the cleaning crew takes it.

    Kristabellas last blog post..And I Don’t Think I Said Fuck Once

    Comment by Kristabella on June 19, 2008
  17. I knew those rhinos were good for something. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out. Your plethora (SAT Word!) of followers are banging on my door.

    Comment by Matthew on June 19, 2008
  18. Um, I don’t think I can answer the parents question, as I don’t have kids =) But apparently, according to Facebook, I’m Kate Austen’s twin from Lost. Sweet, I’m a convicted felon.

    Rhinos are sooo cute. As are hippos.

    I wish someone would leave me money; then it would go to my fund in contesting the speeding ticket I got yesterday (he wrote me down as 94; I was going 77; this is bullshit).

    I don’t pick my nose at stoplights, but I do rock out loudly to my radio (esp now that I have Sirius, yeah!) and get a lot of strange looks for that.

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..Tag, You’re It!

    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on June 19, 2008
  19. Not a aprent, so I can’t answer the parent question. I’d really like to answer and say that my sister is very much like, god, who’sa vain mother who would also probably be a pretty good one?

    I do admit to picking my nose at stoplights, AND dancing to the radio. I figure I people watch sometimes too (mostly to notice how UPSET people look while driving), and am perfectly aware people probably notice. But whatever.

    Comment by Mari on June 19, 2008
  20. Oh right. I remember watching it (a lot) I just couldn’t remember what it was called !

    Heathers last blog post..Superficial

    Comment by Heather on June 19, 2008
  21. Now you got that song in my head! (I used to loooove that show)

    Can’t quite answer that question tho seeing i have no little ones running around me. But good choice!

    Ashleys last blog post..The Second Shot (Part I)

    Comment by Ashley on June 19, 2008
  22. Roseanne. My dishes are never washed, and sarcasm is my favorite parenting style.

    I leave change on my desk too and it doesn’t get stolen, but I noticed last week the number of Skor bars in the massive box of them I bought at Costco was slowly decreasing. I think the cleaners have been pilfering. I used to be a cleaner and the rule is, you can take small candy in a dish on the desk, but DO NOT open a drawer and if you do, don’t even think about taking candy from there, esp a large thing like a chocolate bar. That’s BOLD

    Beccas last blog post..Home Depot so sux

    Comment by Becca on June 19, 2008
  23. Someone once compared me to Miranda from Sex and the City, but I don’t see it.
    I think I’m a little like Lynette from Desperate Housewives.
    Mind you, I just did their quiz and apparently I’m like Susan. So … who knows.

    LDs last blog post..Pickles, Anyone?

    Comment by LD on June 19, 2008
  24. Easy peasy – Morticia Addams.

    motherbumpers last blog post..what nerve

    Comment by motherbumper on June 19, 2008
  25. Lois from Family Guy.

    Jennifers last blog post..Very Superstitious

    Comment by Jennifer on June 19, 2008
  26. My daughter says Debra, Everybody loves Raymond. The whole package, husband, brother-in-law, mother in-law. But I don’t think I’m that frazzeled.

    P.S. Totally sang the song.

    Comment by maria on June 19, 2008
  27. Maybe kitty foreman – specially when she digs into her kid’s stash.

    kgirltos last blog post..A Comment On Comments

    Comment by kgirlto on June 19, 2008
  28. Uh, hello? June Cleaver.


    I’m not sure, but sadly, the TV show Absolutely Fabulous comes to mind.

    Queen of Shake Shakes last blog post..A Jaunt to the Country

    Comment by Queen of Shake Shake on June 19, 2008
  29. If I were to answer your question honestly, I’m like the mom on Malcolm in the Middle. But since I lie to keep a “good mom” facade, I’m going to say Carol Brady.

    Britts last blog post..1987 Must Have Been A Good Year

    Comment by Britt on June 19, 2008
  30. Deb from Raymond. Seriously. That show was my life, on TV.

    Especially the inlaws.

    Angellas last blog post..Waterlogged

    Comment by Angella on June 19, 2008
  31. I’m a bit flight, disorganized and political like Elyse Keaton from Family Ties and I think romantic and traditional stuff is beyond me like Miranda from SATC.

    All in all though, I would say Debra Barone as well – BUT – the only thing I could not stand about that character was how she talked to her husband. I mean sure, he was a tool a lot of the time, but I’m just not that mean to the man who gives me love.

    Chantals last blog post..The Best Of Me

    Comment by Chantal on June 19, 2008
  32. Those are NOT quarters you silly canadian! They have moose on them! 😉

    Misss last blog post..Don’t be a one upper

    Comment by Miss on June 19, 2008
  33. sadly, I am Rosanne sans the excessive weight (and I ain’t talking about the 300 pound husband). I am not fat, just fluffy!


    Swirl Girls last blog post..Happy #@&%^ Summer Vacation

    Comment by Swirl Girl on June 19, 2008
  34. Okay … I’ll confess!

    I left the $$ on your desk!

    Teena in Torontos last blog post..Thursday workout

    Comment by Teena in Toronto on June 19, 2008
  35. Would you hate me if I said Peggy Bundy????

    Just kidding….I would have to say Debra on everyone loves Raymond. My husband and friends actually have made comments about how much I am like her. Except I am not controlling.

    Comment by krissy on June 19, 2008
  36. Wow, that’s a hard one for me…I got nothin’…Kinda Elese Keatonish.

    Nap Wardens last blog post..Don’t I Know You…?

    Comment by Nap Warden on June 19, 2008
  37. I can’t remember what I said last time I answered the question, so for now I’m going to with the mom from Home Improvement…Jill? I liked the way she rolled.

    MadWomanMegs last blog post..On the search for a cure

    Comment by MadWomanMeg on June 20, 2008
  38. hmmm… does reality tv count? I’m sure I’m just like one uv them thar ladies on Wife Swap…

    jennyonthespots last blog post..The Butt Series goes to NYC

    Comment by jennyonthespot on June 20, 2008
  39. I am proud to say I would be Roseanne. She didn’t put up false pretenses, raised her kids by letting them be themselves, worked hard for little money, kept the playfulness in her marriage, and man, was she funny.

    Lucys last blog post..Argh! Idiot!

    Comment by Lucy on June 20, 2008
  40. I never really thought of it, but your TV hubby looks a lot like Simon Cowell.

    Who would I be… tough question!

    Nadines last blog post..How my husband poisoned me

    Comment by Nadine on June 20, 2008
  41. I’m probably most like Marge Simpson.

    I’d like to be more like Lois Griffin. She doesn’t seem to get so annoyed with Peter when he does stupid things.

    Comment by mamatulip on June 20, 2008
  42. I just entered my url as http://www.hotmail.com can I go home now?

    Anyway, I don’t know what TV mom I’m like – maybe Clair Huxtable b/c I’m f’ing perfect. Kidding.

    I’m mostly commenting b/c I’d love to know if you solved the change mystery.

    marys last blog post..Don’t Come to the Islands

    Comment by mary on June 20, 2008
  43. Jamie Gertz’ character from Still Standing for sure, with a little Lynettes from Desp. Housewives, in the beginning, when she had a career.

    Comment by Maria on June 20, 2008

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