August 29 05

Isabella is just 2 weeks old today and she is already such a little person. she sure took her sweet time coming into this world, and drove me crazy the last few weeks before she was born, but she was 100% worth the wait.

in the first few days she spent most of her time sleeping or eating. in the last few days, however, she’s really begun to spend lots of time awake, just looking around with her big, alert grey eyes (we are pretty sure they will be brown, like her big sister and brother). She’s also begun to sleep like an angel. i don’t want to jinx her, but last night i fed her at 11:45 and she slept until 5:15. woohoo!

she won’t sleep in the bassinet, though, and has pretty much kicked her daddy out of bed. but it’s fine. she can sleep in bed with me, i actually like it, as long as she continues to sleep so well.

she loves the bouncy chair and her infant seat, but doesn’t seem to love the swing. this shouldn’t surprise us. Joshie didn’t care for it much either. yes, that was money well spent….

she has dry skin on her long fingers and toes, and no matter how much lotion we put on them, they are always dry. we are still unsure about the belly button. it doesn’t stick out as much as it used to, but it still looks kind of outie-ish right now.

she has fit so perfectly into our family and has made me feel complete (at least for now :))


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