February 22 12

It’s very important that we discuss this.

Very important.

It’s bad enough that I had to see a full-grown woman walk through the Atlanta airport in giraffe-print slacks (Also, how horrible is the word slacks? It’s really right up there with moist and ooze) and a full-grown woman in flannel pajamas in Ottawa this week.

But now this?

What you are looking at, friends, would be a CROP TOP.

Something that has been popping up all over the runway, all over some of my favorite go-to clothing stores, and, sadly, all over PEOPLE I see every day.

According to The New York Times, “There is one thing that Britney Spears, circa-1980s Madonna, Gwen Stefani, ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ the Spice Girls, ‘Clueless’ and Matt Dillon in ‘Over the Edge’ have in common: a devotion to the crop top.”

*Shakes head*

Look, I got on board when the fashion people tried to tell me that skinny jeans were more flattering than my 18 pairs of flares.

I even bought myself a pair of green jeans.

I even accepted the fact that neon was back.

I looked the other way as fedoras happened.

But this?


I don’t care what your abs look like…I don’t want to see them.

I don’t want to see this.

Or this.

Or this.

Or this.


Why with the midsection? I don’t really think there’s a right way to pull of classy while exposing your navel and midriff to the world.

Oooh! Who wants to see the pastiest part of my body?

Oooh! Who wants to see the, erm, loosest part of my body?

It’s not appropriate for me, as a mom. It’s not appropriate for my daughter, as pre-teen. It’s not appropriate for anyone, unless, perhaps you are, um, working corners.

Keep your bellies to yourselves, ladies. PLEASE.


And seriously, you guys, if I see a shoulder pad, the gloves are coming off.

  1. I ordered a top from Nordstrom right after Christmas and when it came? IT WAS A CROP TOP. I was horrified. That is the last thing I need to be wearing three months after having a baby.

    We have to make this stop. We just have to.

    Comment by Rhi on February 22, 2012
  2. I agree, oh yes I do. But I have to admit that I think Rachel Bilson looks cute.

    Comment by Sandy on February 22, 2012
  3. I usually love the way she looks. Not this time. Her pants are too bulky and loose and I really just don’t want to see her stomach.

    Comment by ali on February 22, 2012
  4. The striped one is actually sort of cute in theory… as a regular shirt, even with the wide banded cuffs and bottom of shirt.

    Just crop tops?


    I did not wear them when they were in style before (no matter what my father says) and do not care to wear them now.

    Comment by Mari on February 22, 2012
  5. I would totally wear the striped one…if it was more than JUST HALF of a shirt.
    Really, is fabric THAT expensive?

    Comment by ali on February 22, 2012
  6. I may have, um, purchased a blouse with shoulder pads from American Apparel recently. But they’re SUBTLE shoulder pads. SUBTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Amanda on February 22, 2012
  7. I may need to see photos of said shoulder pads.

    Comment by ali on February 22, 2012
  8. I am sorry:


    Comment by Amanda on February 22, 2012
  9. WAit. I see nothing wrong there?

    (also…I kind of like everything on that page.)

    Comment by ali on February 22, 2012
  10. So, so wrong. I remember wearing crop tops in high school. Back when I was 115lbs and fit. And everyone was wearing them. I do not wish to go back, and there is no way my daughter is wearing one of those, either. The day that long t-shirts came into style was the best day ever.

    Comment by Mrs. Wilson on February 22, 2012
  11. Okay.. in that picture of Anne Hathaway, you focus on the *shirt*? What the hell is happening on her legs?!

    I agree about the abs though. Right up there with camel toe is the crop top. (Although if the striped one were five inches longer, I’d love it.)

    Comment by Jessica on February 22, 2012
  12. No, just no. And since I’m tall, this is even worse since normal shirts tend to be cropped on me! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE MY BELLEH!

    Comment by Kristabella on February 22, 2012
  13. THANK YOU!


    Comment by heidikins on February 22, 2012
  14. Those are very attractive fashion designs

    Comment by Sandy Smidth on February 22, 2012
  15. I just shuddered at the thought of shoulder pads.

    Comment by Gamanda on February 22, 2012
  16. Crop tops whhyyy. Also, harem pants are now back in style as well. Those two styles look good on exactly nobody! I am so happy that my daughter is too young to pick out her own clothes or have any fashion sense really because I cannot imagine arguing with her about not wearing crop tops. Because, no. So trashy and unflattering.

    Comment by Jen on February 22, 2012
  17. Thank you for writing this in a much nicer with less swear words way than I could have! That sentence doesn’t make sense but I know you know what I mean. Shudder. Crop tops.

    Comment by Loukia on February 22, 2012
  18. Gah! Don’t even get me started on this one. My biggest pet peeve of the school year is the self-made crop tops. The number of girls running around my school with a knot/elastic in the back of a shirt to make it into a crop top is driving me NUTS! Words cannot come close to describing how much this latest fashion trend is driving me crazy. The girls in my classroom…at least while they are in the classroom/with me are not allowed to wear this fabulous trend. I insist that the knot comes out and the shirt goes down. The girls want to raise their shirts and sadly the boys still want to drop their pants. Not sure what’s worse, a bit of belly (YUCK) or being forced to see boxers because the waistline just doesn’t sit at the waste (cringe!). Ahhh, I feel a little better after that one…thanks. 😀

    Comment by Amanda on February 22, 2012
  19. Remember when everyone was wearing the thong, that stuck of the jeans? Also, what about women wearing ties, suits and the sneakers with the work suit fad? Oh, what the fashion industry pushes on we women!

    Comment by Jordan on February 23, 2012
  20. I think it’s sexy!

    Comment by Avitable on February 23, 2012
  21. hahahahaahah! You are hilarious!!! It’s so easy and nice to read you!!!

    Comment by MaJo_BV on March 3, 2012
  22. hahahahaahahahah!!! you are hilarious!!! It’s so nice and easy to read you!

    Comment by MaJo_BV on March 3, 2012

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