November 1 04

Honestly, what is the point of drinking coffee if there’s no coffee in your coffee??

Every morning, I get the same’s usually whatever the flavoured one is: french vanilla, vanilla hazelnut, irish cream, etc. i put a little milk and one equal.

This morning, the guy next to me put 18% cream and 4 sugars into his coffee. And i swear, no joke, it wasn’t even coffee-color once it was mixed…it was like an off-white/ecru-y color.

  1. In a regular size styrofoam cup I lump in 4 scoops of the non-dairy creamer we have in the office, 4 packets of equal. Then I put in the coffee, stir it up and top it all off with a sugar cube. I hate the taste of coffee, I just need it to get going sometimes. The only coffee I don’t add anything to is a the cafe mocha at Starbuck’s. mmmmmmm chocolate!

    Comment by Sean on November 1, 2004
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