April 20 14

We had a mostly uneventful drive home from Virginia. Mostly we discussed all of the stops we usually make (Read: bribes) that we couldn’t make along the way because of Passover. Ice cream? Nope. Doughnuts? No. Boxes of cookie crisp at our usual Target detour? No can do-sville.

“But what can we haaaaaaaaave, Mama?”

“WATER. We can stop for water. Now hush, eat your Kosher For Passover chocolate lollipops and your matzah.”

There was significantly more whining, but we made incredible timing. Also, we watched Pitch Perfect at least twice, and that helped.

In fact, the most exciting thing that happened along the way was when someone *cough* husband *cough* couldn’t find the car keys in Ellicottville, New York and found them..in the garbage can. I felt badly laughing as he went dumpster diving to retrieve them, and I even offered him one of my three dessert-scented anti-bacterial hand gels.


Gosh, I really miss real food. Like sandwiches. And pizza. And sandwiches. And cookies. And burritos. And brownies. And sandwiches. I don’t even eat sandwiches all that often, but as soon as you tell me that I can’t have them, it’s all I think about.

You know what I’m doing on Tuesday night? EATING A DAMN SANDWICH.

I guess losing the keys was better than what happened on our way to Virginia, which was get rear-ended by an elderly man while waiting for coffees in a drive-thru line. “I’m sure sorry, folks. Sometimes I don’t know the difference between the gas and the brake.” Uh, okay, dude. If you don’t know the difference between the two pedals, you don’t deserve the right to drive. Luckily, there was no damage to the car and luckily we weren’t in my new Jeep, because that’s exactly when the gloves would have come off.


The funny thing about having family all over the United States is the bonus of having many US shipping addresses. I can ship important things like Hanky Pankys to the next family member I plan to visit. “No, J.Crew, I will not pay your $40 duty to toss that box across the border! I will wait until I visit Atlanta to bring my sweaters home thankyouverymuch.”

Sometimes there are surprise packages waiting for me—Business cards and a SAMCRO t-shirt? When the heck did I order those??!

And sometimes there are packages that I have waited (im)patiently for—like my brand new Alien Bee studio lighting. Oh yes. This northern girl is going to take advantage of that thing called artificial lighting to get her through the dark, dark, dark and cold, cold, cold Canadian winters. Shooting year-round is a gift, really.

(And I got the lighting just in time….for my outdoor spring/summer season to start.)

The girls are much more willing to pose for the camera outside, especially since there were balloons involved. “Wait a minute…you are buying balloons just because? Like, it’s not even someone’s birthday or bridal shower or anything?”

264A0699 copy


264A0716 copy

When it comes to inside—they give me stand-in models, since they can’t be bothered to be stuck in the basement.

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 7.52.27 PM

I suppose it could be worse.

At least these models don’t complain that there’s nothing to eat this holiday.

(Two more days, two more days.)


  1. Packing food while being out and about on Passover is essential. Worst-case scenario, if you stop off at a grocery store, fruits, veggies, and nuts are fair game, and, especially in the case of fruit, they’re all usually quite ready to eat (save having to go to the washroom to clean them off first).

    I usually take some homemade trail mix with me.

    Although I’m Ashkenazi, I don’t believe that the ban on kitniyot is relevant anymore, so legumes and corn are fine in my books. That makes it a lot easier (ask any Sephardic Jew) and, honestly, it feels different enough that I’m constantly reminded that it’s Passover.

    Something to consider. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

    Comment by Adam on April 20, 2014
  2. I cannot get over her legs!

    Comment by Kristabella on April 21, 2014

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