April 17 14

There are just so many matzah crumbs in my life right now.

My children, who normally eat on a fairly normal schedule (it’s best we don’t talk about the drinking, because I swear to god, my kids drink water like fish—all the livelong day)(Do fish even drink water excessively?), are eating giant pieces of matzah slathered in their favorite Passover-friendly Temptee cream cheese, oh, about every hour on the hour. No really, I’m not even making this up. My mother bought all of the chocolate lollipops in Virginia (and possibly West Virginia too) and yet here they are, noshing on matzah. Oh, and also meat.

My kids are weird, man.

And I am super bffs with my mom’s broom and dustpan. I have swept more than I have…since last Passover.

This holiday is so bizarre. My kids are exhausted—since the seders can’t start until ungodly hours (see what I did there?) keeping them up until at least midnight each night singing the songs they learned in Hebrew school, stuffing their faces with stuffing and other Passover favorites, arguing over Afikomen presents (Canada’s Wonderland pass, X-Box One superhero game, LEGO Friends kit, for the record) and complaining about the kosher for Passover ketchup which is mostly just a red-colored container of sugar.

But here’s the thing—my kids LOVE this holiday.

We spent two rain-filled days unelectronic-y—no tv, no phones, no video games, no iPad, no car.


We holed ourselves up with my parents and brother and didn’t do anything significant other than reading the first 100 pages of The Goldfinch and completing three 1,000-piece puzzles, building LEGO things, dressing and undressing and re-dressing American Girl Dolls, playing Settlers of Catan and Pandemic and Perpetual Commotion and Casino and Five Crowns and Blokus and some weird game that my son wants everyone to love even though we all hate called Castle Ravenloft.

And eating matzah.


I guess I kind of love this holiday too.

  1. This was my first year with no Martell Passover! I might buy matzah and make pizzas for the MEMORIES!

    Comment by Kristabella on April 17, 2014
  2. Kristin! My mom doesn’t have a microwave!! My kids are like…HOW WILL WE MAKE MATZAH PIZZA?!?!?!?

    Comment by ali on April 17, 2014
  3. WHAAAA? That’s a big Passover fail!

    Comment by Kristabella on April 17, 2014
  4. My favorite time of the year!

    Comment by Mina Tepper on April 18, 2014
  5. Sounds great!!!!

    Comment by Chantal on April 19, 2014

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