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My Gas Woman and Alan Rickman

I wasn’t going to write today. But Lin-Manuel Miranda shared words of wisdom, as he often does. So here’s a weird thing I like to do that normal people probably don’t. Late at night, in those wee hours when normal people are sleeping, when I’ve exhausted all of my ridiculous…

They Are Boy Meets Worlds Living In A M*A*S*H World

I just spent over an hour deleting over 300 spam comments. Which is, I guess, a literal dusting off the old blog. The back end of this website has always been a bit of a mess but it’s been around since the dinosaur ages of blogging and with the exception…

There’s No Time. There’s Never Any Time

On Father’s Day, I posted this on Facebook: We decided to take the family to see Wonder Woman and now everyone’s crying. And you guys, You Guys!, were all amazing. Because you assumed that everyone was crying at how good the movie was, how kick-ass Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was….