April 4 05

~~I love Bree. I loved when she took charge at the funeral. classic Bree. she’s so awesome. and way to go Rex for growing himself a pair of balls and standing up for Bree and slamming Andrew up against that wall. his punk ass truly deserved it.

~~killing off Mama Solis was a serious cop-out (although i did enjoy rewinding the fall and watching it about 6 times). methinks this won’t be the last we hear about Gabrielle’s infidelity.

~~I like the Edie/Susan spats. great line by Edie: “before you start whining that dating Susan is punishment enough…” Susan seriously needs to open that letter. She’s starting to annoy.

~~for a while, i thought Gabrielle was beginning to grow a heart – staying with Carlos, breaking it off with John – but i was wrong. she’s heartless. her behavior at the funeral was downright childish.

~~I actually liked Lynette this week. and this was the first i’ve liked of Julie: “I’m going to mourn now.”


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