April 4 05

Well, i knew there was a good reason why i didn’t take the 25 seconds that it takes to fix my watch way back in the fall…. my watch was already adjusted to daylight savings time when i woke up on sunday morning (at 8:45!! ah! my kids slept in! my kids slept in! it was truly a miracle!)

my weekend was nice – except for the two-day long blizzard we had on saturday and sunday. i mean, seriously, it’s April. April showers??? anyone? anyone? it’s not supposed to be April snowstorms!!

we had some friends over to kick off the summer BBQ season…although summer was truly the farthest thing from our minds…having people over for a barbeque turns into a full day long affair. the husband can’t just do the burger and dog thing. oh no. he’s learned from his good friend Bobby** that a bbq isn’t a bbq unless you get crafty and do things like make your own ketchup (yes, homemade ketchup) and onion marmelade. needless to say, it was delicious, but it was still an insane day spent preparing.

oh, and the boy is still toilet trained. we are sooo proud of him. and he woke up dry as a bone this morning. yay.

**Bobby Flay 🙂


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